Residents of Tianjung Dumai City Intimidated by People Claiming to Be Heirs

Residents Of Tianjung Dumai City Intimidated By People Claiming To Be Heirs
Residents Of Tianjung Dumai City Intimidated By People Claiming To Be Heirs

Teleskopnews. with – A resident in Tianjung, Batu Teritip Sub-district, Sungai Sembilan Sub-district, Dumai City, was evicted because of the land he bought.

Herlia (32) said she was visited by people who claimed to be heirs to the land she bought.

He said he bought the house and land he bought directly from Eli for Rp. 30 million as of May 20, 2022. Land owner has now moved to another area.

“I was evicted by your son Mursal. I was told to vacate the house I bought,” Herlia said, Thursday, June 16, 2022.

Herlia explained that she purchased the house and land she currently occupies, complete with a certificate of ownership and a sales receipt.

Mursal went to the house along with an RT boss named Suparmin, he said that the two people were still evicting him.

“I asked him, on what basis did you expel me, he said that this house and this land belonged to the Brother”, he explained.

Furthermore, the appearing party also admitted that the claimant had also been sold to Supriani, while the claimant was the stepdaughter of the person who sold the house and land.

In addition, Herlia also said that the person did not stop going to her and ordered the mother of four to make amends.

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“They asked for peace asking for the first 15 million rupees, and in the second they asked for 20 million rupees, but I didn’t give it because it was mine,” he said firmly.

Residents Of Tianjung Dumai City Intimidated By People Claiming To Be Heirs

Herlia has also referred the matter to her attorney, Hotland Sianturi SH, so the issue can be resolved quickly.

Hotland Sianturi when contacted, said his intention was not to be afraid when there was a threat from the party claiming to be the heiress.

“The party claiming to be the heir must be able to prove the heir’s letter, if he cannot show it, he has no right to say or do anything about it.” said Hotland Sianturi SH.

It stated that if the alleging party cannot provide evidence in the form of land certificates and legal heir certificates, then that party will continue the matter under the law.

“If they continue to do something like threaten and intimidate my client, I will take legal action immediately and report anyone involved to the authorities, particularly the Dumai police and the Riau police,” he said firmly.

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