Released after three days in detention, Sharnaaz Ahmad continues to meet with Jebat Jayden

Released After Three Days In Detention, Sharnaaz Ahmad Continues To Meet With Jebat Jayden

After being released on bail at 12:00 this afternoon, after spending three days in pre-trial detention to help with the investigation into the alleged beating of a condo tenant, Sharnaaz Ahmad | continued running to find his son.

In the latest partnership Sharnaaz on Instagram, he uploaded a video with Jebat Jayden while leaving a caption letting him know he was in good condition.

“I’m fine InsyaAllah..baba loves you so much!” His writing is concise.

So far, Sharnaaz has not explained in detail about the incident, but he has claimed his innocence and denied the accusations about the matter that has been speculated by netizens recently.

However, he stated that he will hold a press conference in the near future and explain the actual incident.

Entering the comments section, the actor’s average acquaintance was seen giving Sharnaaz words of encouragement and hoped that all his affairs would be streamlined. – BANG!

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