Receh Balance Savings, Can You Invest?

Receh Balance Savings, Can You Invest?

There are many perceptions that investing and saving are only for people who are already working. I’m proof that this is wrong, because I’ve had savings since high school and stock investments since college,

When I was in high school, I was only dependent on my parents’ pocket money that I set aside and deposited in the bank every month, and when I was in college, I worked part-time for a very small salary, but I invested all of that in stocks. and lived only on the education costs that people pay.

In the past, investing was complicated and expensive. Investments can normally only be made through banks and require a minimum of millions of capital. However, now times have changed. There are so many investments that can be bought with a penny. I will share some investment instruments that can be obtained by anyone

  1. Is not

In the past, gold could only be purchased in physical units of 1 gram. Although the price of gold was not as expensive as it is now, it took around 500,000 to get a gram of gold from the shop. Even if you haven’t calculated the cost of printing certificates and shipping money that must be spent to go to the store. Even worse, when you want to resell, the price will be way below the purchase price.

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Now, gold can be purchased in the form of online balances, without leaving home, with more competitive sales prices and lower costs. Even cooler, gold can now be bought in very small units for thousands of rupees!

For example, the Oh My Gold product on OneAset with a minimum purchase of only 10,000 rupees.

  1. mutual funds

Mutual funds used to be a luxury product that could only be obtained by special clients in banks, or investment manager clients, which was very rare in Indonesia. The registration process and transactions are also very cumbersome, having to fill out paper forms signed on multiple pages and confirmed over the phone. Imagine how much it would cost to register, send documents, buy stamps and much more. In fact, the minimum purchase of mutual funds was worth millions!

Fortunately, innovations in fintech have made mutual funds now an investment product that can be accessed by the general public. In addition to simplifying the 100% digital registration process, purchase and sale transactions can now be done through the app without leaving home

Nominal purchases that used to be millions of rupees are now more affordable with hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands depending on the type of mutual fund.

  1. storage area
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Deposits used to be a product open only to people with large funds, with a minimum nominal allotment that was usually over 10 million and a minimum term of 3 months. In addition, the opening of the deposit must be made at the direct branch by filling in a form and paying the stamp duty.

Now deposits can not only be opened online, but also more open to all people, with a minimum allotment that usually gets a million rupees. In addition, the terms available are also more varied, starting from one month so as not to interfere with cash flow.

  1. Business or business franchise

Opening a franchise business used to require tens to hundreds of millions of capital, so only the upper class could participate in the development of the country’s economy. However, fintech innovation has created a new product called equity crowdfunding, where we can become business capital owners with only hundreds of thousands of capital.

Well, considering the many investment options available to small capital, there’s no reason not to start investing. You can read the articles available on OneAset to become more familiar with the world of investing for beginners.

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