Read the full PDF novel Laut tells the story of Leila S. Chudori

Read The Full Pdf Novel Laut Tells The Story Of Leila S. Chudori

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On this occasion, the administrator will present Reading the novel The Sea Tells the Story of Leila S. Chdori Full PDF. Laut narrates a novel by Indonesian writer Leila Salikha Chudori. He is also a journalist.

This novel, published in 2017, explores friendship, romance, kinship and loss. This novel, set in the 90s and 2000s, fascinates the reader, breaks through the space of the past and looks back at what was happening that year.

Not only that, the author acknowledges the need to examine existing characters, locations, and past events. It is based on what the novel comes to life when you read it.

Then it took about 5 years to complete this novel. Interestingly, this novel was also adapted into a short film lasting about 30 minutes and directed by Pritagita Arianegara.

Novel The Story of the Sea by Leila S. Chudori Full PDF version

Read The Full Pdf Novel Laut Tells The Story Of Leila S. Chudori

Novel The Story of the Sea by Leila S. Chudori Full PDF version

During the New Order, student activist groups experienced the cruelty and cruelty described in this novel. Not only that, this novel reflects the disappearance of 13 activists about whom no one has received any information so far.

The story of the narrative sea is divided into two parts with very different time intervals. The first part is narrated from the point of view of a character named Biru Laut and his fellow activists who are striving to realize their vision or ideals.

Meanwhile, in the second part, the story is told from the point of view of Asmara Jati, Laut’s sister, who has a different goal or vision than Laut.

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[ Bagian 1 ]

The narrative and story will be told from the perspective of Blue Laut. Laut is a student at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, majoring in English Literature.

He is very interested in the world of literature and has many books of classical literature, both in Indonesian and English.

Laut enjoys reading Anant Toer’s Pramoedye books, which were previously banned in Indonesia. This prompted him to photocopy books at one of the forbidden photocopying sites.

He then met with Kinan, a FISIP student, who introduced Lauta to the Winatra and Wirasen organizations.

After joining Winatra, Laut became more involved in book discussions with fellow organizations.

Not just the books, but some of the ideas they want to present are at odds with the doctrine of governance in this country, which has been led by one president for more than 30 years.

He likes to write and discuss maritime activities in his organization. Laut often writes down his ideas and sends them for publication to the daily print media.

Laut also worked as a translator, for example translating English novels into Indonesian.

Laut and his associates participated in several actions or movements to defend people whose rights were taken away by the government, including the “Blangguan Corn Planting Campaign.”

However, Laut and his friends had a debate known as the kwangju debate long before they took action. Laut and his companions gradually learn and recognize the importance of betrayal.

The unexpected arrival of information in their database hampered the discussion on kwangju, which should have gone well and smoothly.

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However, no one knew who revealed their conversation. Some members of Winatra were suspicious of Naratam, as they had never seen him at the time of his arrest, but that is just their guesswork. What the real truth is is not known.

Laut and his colleagues returned to the terminal after starting corn planting activities in Blangguan. They separated, some went to Pacet and others to Yogyakarta.

A suspicious group of people stalked them in the waiting room of the bus. Laut, Bram and Alex were left behind, while others fled somewhere.

Lauta, Brama and Alexa were taken to a location that looked like a military base. Lauta, Brama and Alexa are interrogated at the base by a group of people. They were not only interrogated but also treated inhumanely, including torture, beating, beatings and electric shock.

The question of this group of people is who is behind their actions.

The persecution and imprisonment ended after about two days and one night. Lauta, Brama and Alexa returned to the terminal in Bungurasih. At the Bunguras terminal, Lauta, Brama and Alexa were picked up by Anjani’s older brothers.

All three were taken away and stored in a safe place in Pacet. Daniel, Kinan, Anjani and other friends were already waiting for them there.

In short, on March 13, 1998, Lauta was arrested again by an unknown group of people. Sunu, Mas Gala and Narendra disappeared after being fugitives in 1996 because the Winatra and Wirasen organizations were considered dangerous to the government.

Then, one by one, some of his co-workers disappeared into nothingness. The sea is then followed by Alex and Daniel, who disappear.

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When they were abducted and captured, they experienced very inhuman torture, which can be described as sadistic and barbaric.

They were all beaten, doused with ice water, electrocuted, hung by the legs and head down, placed on extremely cold ice sticks and subjected to other tortures.

The first part not only talks about the activities of Laut and his friends in the upcoming movement, but also inserts a story between Laut and his family members. When Laut and his friends disappear, their lives and the lives of their loved ones change forever.

Laut, his father, mother, and Asmara, Laut’s sister, often gather in Yogyakarta while Laut is studying. As a result, his father decided that Sunday was a family day and that no one should interfere.

When dinner became most interesting to them, they could say this as a ritual. Their faces were filled with a sense of community and happiness.

Not only that, Laut weaved a story between the sea and his activities in college, especially as a student of English literature. Laut is still associated with the Winatra organization, but he has not forgotten his lectures. This is evidenced by the fact that you are still working on your dissertation and can complete it.

This is the story of the novel Laut Bercepat in the first chapter and we look forward to continuing the story and the story in the second chapter.

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