Read Plainwalker of the Stigma Manga – Scans Raw

Read Plainwalker Of The Stigma Manga – Scans Raw

The talented engineering professor ‘Wi Geonwoo’ was fired from the research facility he worked his whole life and was kidnapped by a mysterious light, only to be thrown into a mysterious world. Engineering professor Wi Geonwoo was approached by an entity that called itself “a god without a face” and was forcibly given a blue stigma. In this new world, individuals with blue stigmas are hunted, while those with red or crimson stigmas are considered the hunters who seek their prey. ‘Wi Geonwoo’ with his blue stigma, will he be able to survive as one of the hunted? “I will be his strength, so lend me your body.” To make matters worse, ‘Ash Glaive’, a strange slime-like individual appeared. Together with Archmage Ash, and the engineers’ monstrous imaginations and bodies, they begin the war against the Red Stigmata.

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