Ratnakar Kumar’s ‘Babul’ movie premiere in Bhojpuri

Ratnakar Kumar’s ‘Babul’ Movie Premiere In Bhojpuri

Patna, January 6 (Agency). The grand premiere of producer Ratnakar Kumar’s famous film Bhojpuri movie ‘Babul’ took place here today. Producer Ratnakar Kumar, actress Neelam Giri, actor Dev Singh were present at the film’s premiere. Filmmaker Ratnakar Kumar said the film ‘Babul’ is the story of a poor, hardworking father who lives up to the dream of ‘Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao and Empower Beti’ along with the emotional bond of father and daughter. everything to brighten the lives of the daughters.

Kumar said that this film, written and directed by Awadhesh Mishra, will give Bhojpuri cinema a new place. The story goes far beyond what has been a common belief about Bhojpuri cinema. The harmony of the music-song and the script make the film even better. Babul is an unparalleled film with a social message and entertainment.

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Significantly, Awadhesh Mishra played the central role in the movie Babul. The film stars Neelam Giri, Dev Singh, Anita Rawat, Shashi Ranjan and Ambika Wani in central roles. This is the second film by Awadhesh Mishra, who has starred in about 300 and a half films as a screenwriting director. Previously, he had directed ‘Jugnu’. Both films were produced by Ratnakar Kumar of Worldwide Records.

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