Ragnarok X: War of the Chosen Season 2 officially kicks off, with a prize pool of 1 billion!

Ragnarok X: War Of The Chosen Season 2 Officially Kicks Off, With A Prize Pool Of 1 Billion!

On June 20, 2022, Ragnarok X (ROX) officially announced the arrival of a second season (Season 2) dari “War of the Chosen”. Event This time it’s different from the War of the Chosen in the previous season, where there are no conditions for those who want to participate or it’s free!

This means that all players can create a team to participate in ROX: War of Chosen Season 2. ROX has prepared prizes with a total of more than 60,000 USD or the equivalent of 1 billion rupees for the best eight teams in Indonesia. Not only that, the team that managed to win event you will get it too title exclusive and limited edition“Glorious” which will be displayed on all ROX servers.

ROX: War of the Chosen Season 2 Resmi Dimulai!

Registration for ROX: War of the Chosen Season 2 started on June 20, 2022. Players can follow the following link to register at event This is amazing. The registration period will begin at 5:00 am server time on June 20, 2022 and end at 8:59 pm server time on June 26, 2022.

About event this time, there are no conditions for anyone who wants to participate. Players simply use a specific number of Crystals to create their dream team.

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After compiling a team of eight, the team will be automatically registered to the qualifying server at 21:00 server time on June 26, 2022. Each winner of the qualifying server will participate in the ‘Server Elimination Match’. After that, the team that reached the Top 8 of the elimination phase will fight in the Championship phase. Who will be the winner and get the crown in ROX: War of the Chosen Season 2 this time? It’s time to show your prowess!

Peraturan Pertandingna ROX: War of the Chosen Season 2

On the qualifier and elimination servers, players will compete in the ‘Best of 3’ format (play three times to accumulate points). There will only be one team that can advance to the next round.

Starting from the ‘Quarterfinals’ main server, players will compete in the ‘Best of 5’ format (matches five times). Only the winning team is entitled to advance to the next stage and the winner of the final stage will be crowned the best team!

For more information about the ROX: “War of the Chosen Season 2” match rules, check the registration page here.

Prizes worth USD 60,000 or up to 1 billion rupees and exclusive title “Glorius” for teams that successfully occupy Top 8 ROX: War of the Chosen Season 2

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Rox War Of The Chosen Season 2 Hadiah
Rox War Of The Chosen Season 2

The team that won “War of the Chosen Season 2 will win an exclusive digital sculpture, where the sculpture will present the winners in the City of each ROX Server for 1 month.

The winning team will also receive exclusive contest prizes, including Thor’s Hammer (Mjölnir), Wings with the desired design, cosmetics and trophies. There are also extras title exclusive to the winners that will be displayed in their costumes. Adventurers on the same server as the winners event this will also have a special perk: 2,000 Odin’s Blessings will be given to all players every day for a week.

As an Official Sponsor of ROX War of the Chosen Season 2, HUAWEI AppGallery has also prepared prizes for the top 8 teams: Each team member will receive product prizes sponsored by HUAWEI AppGallery:

  • Winning team: HUAWEI P50 Pocket
  • Top 2 – Top 4: HUAWEI P50 Pro
  • Top 5 – 8: HUAWEI MatePad 10.8

Let’s predict the winning team and win exclusive prizes!

Starting from the Single Server Qualification Stage, each player can use the “Chosen Medal” to predict the outcome of each match. Each player can obtain a Chosen Medal depending on the ranking of each stage of the competition.

Not only participating players, but other players can also obtain the Chosen Medal again through Event Daily, monthly, KVM card and more.

For players who can predict the winner of each match, you will receive a medal based on the percentage of total medals. Players who fail to predict will lose their medals.

Players can exchange the Chosen Medal in the Medal Shop for many interesting in-game items and other prizes.

During the period of the Semifinals and Championship, HUAWEI AppGallery will sponsor the Offline event to watch the event for ROX players! Please check the official ROX website for more information. Let’s party!

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