Quest to find a driving school in Samarahan city

Quest To Find A Driving School In Samarahan City

I am looking for a driving school in Samarahan city for my son. Yes, the oldest son is now 19 years old.

he had just finished Sarawak Matriculation College in May 2022 last.

As she still has free time before going to the IPT, Molek also got her driver’s license first.

These skills and driver’s license can be used at any time.

Whether it’s time to study later or have a job.

Who knows can also work in such technological fields how to make an ecommerce website

Driving school in Samarahan city

Driving School In Samarahan City
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In the city of Samarahan there are two main driving schools.

The first is Kota Samarahan Driving Consortium Sdn Bhd.

This place has been running for the last 10 years.

The location is on the main road. Easy to find.

Address : 45, Lorong 5, Kampung Melaban, Taman Desa Ilmu, 94300 Kota Samarahan, Sarawak

Telephone: 019-887 3583

the second is Institut Memandu NB Motors Sdn Bhd. The place has been operating for seven years.

Address: Lot 8511, Block 26, Land District, 94300 Kota Samarahan, Sarawak

Telephone: 017-899 5992

These two places are not far from home.

After figuring out where to study, I contacted some instructors or driving instructors.

The objective is to know how much it costs to get a motorcycle and car driver’s license.

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B2’s motorcycle license is RM500 and D’s car license is 1380.

Prices are not much different from each other.

Who I choose to be my child’s driving teacher will be known in a future article.

The price for getting a driver’s license goes up almost every year.

This is the cost of living that needs to be borne now

The year 2022 with the year 2012 is very different.

Not to mention in 2002, when I just got my driver’s license and managed to buy a used car.

This is an ancient story and we live this story.

Apparently, the driving school in Kota Samarahan makes it easier for residents of the surrounding area to learn to drive.

For now go ahead city ​​of Samarahan still tight almost every day.

So there’s a naughty voice saying that people in this area have an extraordinary level of patience.

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