Q&A XL Unlimited Turbo Premium

Q&Amp;A Xl Unlimited Turbo Premium

Q&A XL Unlimited Turbo Premium – This time I want to answer your questions about XL Unlimited Turbo. Because I posted on my Facebook page about the XL Unlimited Turbo and I think there are still many who don’t understand about this XL Unlimited Turbo.

So, coincidentally, in this port I have compiled a summary of what you often ask and this is the answer to the first question.

Beli XL Unlimited Turbo

Where did you buy it brother?

If you are already using XL, just download the myXL app from the App Store or Playstore.

But if you are a new user, just buy the first one specifically for XL Unlimited Turbo.

Now the second question is still connected with the first question. Yea..

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Unlimited Turbo Price XL

How much?

Well the price! if you’re already using XL, just look at the price in the MyXL app because some have a discount, some don’t.

So if you want to get a discount, my advice is to buy only the first one. And you can buy it directly on the XL website, or you can also shopee and other markets.

Because then just choose, which one you want to buy, some are 3 gig, some are 11 gig and some are 21 gig. The prices are also different and the free unlimited turbo is also different.

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Xl Unlimited Turbo

If you want Turbo YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE unlimited, you buy Gojek which is 21 gigabytes per Rp. 68,000. Now let’s go to the next question.

Buy more than 1 time the XL Unlimited Turbo pack

Can I buy two xl unlimited Turbo packs?

So for those who want to subscribe to XL Turbo and want to subscribe to Netflix and Tik Tok, this is different, but the answer is yes. Then you can subscribe to 2 or 3 XL Unlimited for you to use.

So you can get unlimited YouTube, unlimited netflix and unlimited Tik Tok as you wish. So you only buy the 3 packs you need.

Continue to the next question, ok?

active time

Bro, how long is the XL unlimited turbo pack active?

Well, there are a lot of people asking this when it’s active. Please note that for the active period you must follow your main package.

What you mean to say?

So if you want to subscribe to Turbo, subscribe to XL VIP or XL combo Lite, if I’m not mistaken, the active period follows your main package.

For example..

You just purchased the XL VIP Combo, the active period is 30 days and you buy the XL Turbo right away! This means that Turbo has the same active period as it follows the main package active period which is 30 days.

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If, for example, you subscribe to XL Turbo, the active period of your main package is only 10 days, it means that XL Turbo also follows for 10 days.

My advice to those who want to activate the xl Turbo package, activate it after registering for the main package. Therefore, the active period is 30 days. OK..! If you don’t understand, you can comment below. The point is to follow the main card package.

Continue to the next question.

Is the XL package unlimited for games?

Bro can you play or not?

The answer is that you cannot. Because the XL Unlimited package is only for apps that are on the XL Unlimited Turbo list. So it is not possible to play the game Ok.

So, those of you who like to play games, I think this is not suitable for you.

next question..

You can browse and download

Bro can surf or not?

The answer, of course, is no, because as I said earlier, it’s only for certain apps that are unlimited.

Friend, is it possible to download?

The answer can’t be either because as I mentioned above this unlimited xl package is only for certain apps.

next question..

Can connect to PC or HP

Bro, can you tie to another PC or cell phone?

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The answer may be..! this is very good in my opinion. Because if you want to upload YouTube videos from your computer, you can access the internet from your tethering cell phone, which has an active xl Turbo package.

So it’s good, you can open YouTube from your computer with FHD resolution and unlimited again.



Last info for you, if you sign up for xl unlimited and still have credit, you must first move it to another card.

Because? if you subscribe to XL Unlimited Turbo Premium and want to browse and download, you will use your main wrist.

So this is something you should pay attention to… if you want to subscribe to a package XL unlimited turbo Premium, make sure your credit is zero (0) or book on another xl card.

If you still have questions, write them in the comments section below. Thanks.

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