PUB Gfx Tool Pro Lite Edition for PUBG (no ban) Terbaru 2022

Pub Gfx Tool Pro Lite Edition For Pubg (No Ban) Terbaru 2022

PUB Gfx Tool –Playing online games is a lot of fun, especially when we can beat other players or we can play with friends. For now, mobile games are one of the games that almost everyone plays.

Where we can play together anywhere and anytime, like a hangout. For your own mobile, you can use a smartphone that supports online games.

Online games, especially those with high graphics and large sizes, must be supported by smartphones. One of them is the most popular battle royale game, PUBG.

Pubg Gfx Tool
PUB Gfx Tool Pro Lite Edition for PUBG (no ban) Terbaru 2022 PUB Gfx Tool Pro

You are certainly very familiar with this game which has become a widely played and popular game in recent years. Or those of you who are still playing until you come to this article complaining about a few things.

One of the main things that matter the most is about the phone’s specs. What we do know, the more updates from the features and graphics, of course, the harder it will be to play it. Inevitably, we feel the need to update the phone.

However, you don’t have to do that because now there are apps that solve lag problems or heavier gameplay. This is PUB Gfx Tool Pro app.

The benefits of this app are obviously for those who have phones with less compatible specs. Even so, that doesn’t mean that all phones can support it.

Well, for those who are curious about what the features are and how to use them, you can see the full review in the PUB Gfx Tool Pro article as follows.

What is PUB Gfx Tool Pro?

PUB Gfx Tool Pro is an application or tool that allows you to significantly improve the graphics of the PUBG Mobile game easily and safely.

Also, if your Android phone is an old phone, you can lower the screen resolution for smooth playback. In general, you can adjust the screen resolution throughout the game and change it at will.

Pubg Gfx Tool
PUB Gfx Tool Pro Lite Edition for PUBG (no ban) Terbaru 2022 PUB Gfx Tool Pro 1

The setup process in PUB Gfx Tool Pro is very easy to do, where at the beginning of the display you can choose Global, Korean, Taiwan and Chinese languages.

Then just choose the resolution you need. Again, there are plenty of options available, including a resolution of 960×540 for mid-range phones to 2560×1440 for the best sharpness.

Once you have done the above steps, you can start setting the graphics, the appropriate FPS level for the device, enabling or disabling shadow and MSAA. When considering your phone’s memory capacity so everything goes smoothly.

The PUB Gfx Tool app is an excellent option that serves to customize everything about the graphics in PUBG Mobile.

In fact, it is not only useful for low spec phones, this app is also very useful for those who want to get PUBG graphical perfection that is not in the game settings.

Download PUB Gfx Tool Pro Lite Edition app for PUBG (no ban) Terbaru

This app is considered very useful for you to solve graphical problems in pubg. Also, this system app is included in an app that is light enough to download.

Also, this app is very popular once used by many pubg players who have downloaded it all over the world. The size of pub gfx tool pro app is also relatively small so it is very easy worked on phones with minimum specifications.

Get safe download link for latest PUB Gfx Tool Pro Lite app and safe for PUBG app (no ban) we provide here. For your use, we are going to share it in detail in this article.

Apk name : PUB Gfx Tool Pro
Version : v0.17.8
Apk Size : 2.5 MB apk
Categories : Tools or Tools
Editor : Trilokia Inc
Update : Last version
Source : No
android : Android 4.3 or higher

Guy Install Apk

With a very small size, of course, you will find the pub gfx tool app very easy and fast.

For those who want to install the pub gfx tool app, follow the steps below.

  • The first step, download pub gfx pro tool first the file we shared in the above link.
  • If you’ve downloaded pub gfx tool pro, extract it first (if it’s an archive) and don’t install it right away.
  • First, enable “unknown source” or “unknown source” in your phone’s privacy settings.
  • If the above steps were done, click and install the game file.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • If you have finished installing pub gfx tool, download the file and open the app and make settings in your pubg mobile game.
  • Done.

PUB Gfx Tool Pro app features

In this PUB Gfx Tool app there are several advantages and features that you can get and you will feel unique when you start playing it.

Curious to know what are the features of pub gfx tool, you can see some of the interesting features and perks that exist in the config app below.

PUBG version variants

What do we know, for the PUBG game, there are multiple versions based on the region. The advantage of this app is that you can use it for all versions of PUBG Mobile game.

You can adjust the version of the PUBG game you are playing. It is known that there are three versions, namely Global, Korean beta and China. Choose the version that matches the game you installed to make it work.

screen resolution

One of the features you can customize is your phone’s screen resolution. With this, you can choose the resolution you want from a lower resolution to make your game play smoother.

Pubg Gfx Tool
PUB Gfx Tool Pro Lite Edition for PUBG (no ban) Terbaru 2022 PUB Gfx Tool Pro 2 1

Even so, the shortcomings will certainly have an impact on the image quality in the game. On the other hand if you change the resolution to a higher one.

System Restore

Do you already have the best setup? but your app is missing or reinstalled and inevitably you have to start the setup from scratch.

However, you don’t have to worry because there is a restore feature that allows you to set all the default settings where you can change various settings.

With that you don’t lose your best configuration to be able to play PUBG games without problems or look for the best graphics.

image quality

The next feature can be useful if you want to get the best setting, i.e. you can add custom image settings. Please note that not all options can be used on all phones.

Pubg Gfx Tool
PUB Gfx Tool Pro Lite Edition for PUBG (no ban) Terbaru 2022 PUB Gfx Tool Pro 3

There are generally three options: Low, Medium and High. But when using this app, you can use one of five options: Standard, Smooth, Balanced, HD and HDR.


Frame Per Second or often called FPS is indeed a benchmark of smoothness in the game. If the fps in a game is small, the game will look broken or stiff.

Pubg Gfx Tool
PUB Gfx Tool Pro Lite Edition for PUBG (no ban) Terbaru 2022 PUB Gfx Tool Pro 4

FPS normally hits 30, it’s recommended to tap 60. The higher the FPS, the smoother the game, but this will have an impact on your battery that runs out quickly.


This feature allows you to enable or disable the shadow or shadow effects of trees and others in the game.

Shadows really make your game look realistic and also a factor that causes it to stutter or lag when playing when using a low spec phone.


This feature is also found in the PUB Gfx Tool app and in-game. Here you can change the graphic style with five style variations including Classic, Realistic, Colorful and Smooth.

Pubg Gfx Tool
PUB Gfx Tool Pro Lite Edition for PUBG (no ban) Terbaru 2022 PUB Gfx Tool Pro 6


The next feature is the MSSA feature, which allows you to disable or enable the antialiasing feature. With the help of this feature, game images on your phone will look better. You can also see distant objects more easily.

Pubg Gfx Tool
PUB Gfx Tool Pro Lite Edition for PUBG (no ban) Terbaru 2022 PUB Gfx Tool Pro 5

more resources

In addition, there are other features you can take advantage of, which we have summarized below.

  • Support for all android.
  • It can open the HDR picture feature on low-end phones.
  • Adjust the game’s resolution.
  • You can change the graphics method settings.
  • Disable CPU throttling.
  • Unleash the FPS level.
  • Disable shadow in PUBG.
  • Free to download and use for Android.
  • Enable Anti-aliasing which can make the game even updated by X2, X4.

How to use the PUG Gfx tool

Maybe here you are still confused about how to use this app, right? Here we use the settings of a phone with 3GB of RAM and an SD636 chipset.

If your phone is below these specs, you can adjust it again. To know more details, you can refer to the tutorial below.

  • The first step, open the PUB Gfx Tool application.
  • Then you adjust the version of Pubg Mobile you install. For example, the global version.
  • For the resolution, you can choose HD.
  • Graphics select smooth.
  • FPS select Extreme or 60FPS.
  • Style (according to taste).
  • Shadows: Disable.

phone specs

Talking about the cell phone specs, we may have already given you a little idea of ​​what the cell phone specs look like. Well, for those who want to know in more detail, you can see some of the specifications of the cell phone below.

As we said earlier, this game is quite lightweight where you only need a minimum of 512MB of RAM.

Also, you can run this app on multiple phones and it doesn’t require much storage space. With this, your cell phone will not be congested to run it for a long time.

The size of this app is also relatively small, only 2.5MB. So, you don’t need to expand your internal memory storage.

Also, you should pay attention to the operating system as the minimum Android OS that can run this app is Android 4.3 or higher. Of course, these specifications are now widely available on many types of cell phones today.

the final word

This PUB Gfx Tool app is indeed a solution for those looking for free time. Because it is fully available in this app.

So, the article about PUBG Gfx Tool that we share, I hope it can be useful for you all.

Don’t forget to continue to support us by sharing this article with your friends or social media accounts so it can be useful to other visitors.

If you want to find apps, games and other tips and tricks, visit our main page. That’s it for us and bye.

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