Proven! This is the newest OVO 2022 and app to earn money with funds

Proven!  This Is The Newest Ovo 2022 And App To Earn Money With Funds

Money making apps are one of the most sought after apps amidst an uncertain economic situation like the current one. This app allows users to earn money without capital.

Just with an Android phone, you can make money from the internet. Some of these apps don’t even require online accounts like PayPal and credit cards to use them. Of course, you must have a cell phone connected to the internet!

1. Baca Plus

At the top of the list of apps to earn halal money and the fastest DANA balance in 2022 is Baca Plus. Baca Plus provides thousands of interesting and useful data every day. Each post you finish reading will receive a compliment amount that can be disbursed through e-pockets like DANA and others.

2. hello

Helo is one of the least used social media in Indonesia. However, people’s perspectives may change after knowing that this app will provide a lot of income for its users. Guaranteed, just by posting something on Helo, be it an image or video, users will get paid from Helo.

Not only by uploading content on Helo, users can also earn income by completing the quests given in this Helo app. This app has also been listed and legalized by OJK so it is guaranteed to be safe and money sent.

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3. Neobank

In the list of apps to earn halal money and the next fastest fund balance in 2022 is Neobank. How to earn money with the Neobank app? Users can earn commissions when they invite friends to register with Neobank using their referral hyperlink.

Fortunately, again, each person successfully invited to make a deposit, the user will also receive a commission with a certain number. Commissions received by users are in rupees rather than coins like most similar apps. It certainly makes it easier for users to calculate. In addition to being able to earn income, users can also manage finances and other businesses.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

This Google app is an app that will pay its users just by loading a small survey. The user will receive a DANA balance after completing the submitted survey. This survey is quite easy to complete, especially in a matter of minutes. However, this survey is not performed every day and each survey has a time limit of 23 hours to complete.

5. Snack video

This is a social media app that is on the list of fastest apps to earn halal money and DANA balance 2022. Of course, you are already familiar with this app whose ads often stop on YouTube while watching. If using Snack Video, users can collect coins that can be withdrawn later through DANA e-pockets and others.

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The way to get coins in this app is quite easy. One way is to invite friends to join. This method generates more coins. Consumers will then also receive a commission when invited friends actively watch videos provided by Snack Video.

6. TikTok

This popular social media can also be used as an alternative in the search for additional income. TikTok will pay commissions for your creator’s content. Users must share interesting and consistent content to increase followers and prospects. If you manage to gain fame on Tiktok, users will also have the opportunity to receive offers to collaborate on certain products.

This is a list of halal money making apps and the fastest 2022 DANA balances you can try. All these apps can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and App Shop. Now you don’t have to worry about finding additional income. With just a cell phone, users can earn from thousands to millions of rupees.

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