Procedure for Returning Goods on Shopee (Return)

Procedure For Returning Goods On Shopee (Return)

Returning Goods on Shopee – When the goods you ordered from Shopee do not match the data, you can still request a return.

But before that, you need to know how to return goods on Shopee. The reason is that the process must be gradual and there must be nothing wrong.

Returns Rules on Shopee

When you wish to return an item, there are separate conditions that must be met.

Your compliance with this provision will largely determine whether the request for a return of goods can be accepted by Shopee or not.

Here are some rules or conditions when you want to return the wrong item sent by the seller:

  • You, as the buyer, have the opportunity to request a return of the ordered item if the item does not arrive at the address.
  • The next rule, merchandise returns can be made if the product received by the buyer is damaged or defective. This should usually be accompanied by video evidence of the shipping package being opened.
  • Items that do not match the information in the product description in the seller’s store. You must clearly state the reason so that Shopee can accept you.
  • When the goods are in the buyer’s hands and are checked, it turns out that the order does not match what was ordered or the wrong item was shipped.

Try to make videos without being cropped from first opening the package to checking items like size, color, quantity and more.

  • Submission How to return items on Shopee must also be approved by the seller or seller. Therefore, do video proofs without being cut and first convey the reason for returning the goods to the seller.
  • The seller may refuse the buyer’s request to return the goods if the reason is not justified, such as not matching the goods, changing his mind, and so on. This is usually not the seller’s fault.
  • You as the buyer are required to do the paperwork when opening the package for the first time and checking the goods. Because, you will be asked when you are in the process of submitting a goods return.
  • There is an agreement between the seller and the buyer to return the goods if unexpected things occur.
  • The goods return process is carried out while it is still within the Shopee warranty period.
  • Also make sure you haven’t pressed the Order Received button if you want to return the item.
  • Funds from the purchase of returned items will go to ShopeePay.
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How to return goods on Shopee

There are two steps in the goods return process, namely submitting a return and sending the goods back. Here’s the full explanation:

1. Return shipping

  1. The first step, you can directly enter the app shopee which is on your mobile or you can also open website version but it is easier just app version.
  2. Then search for and select the menu option I’m, in the form of a human image. This symbol is usually in the lower right corner.
  3. After that, look for and select the option that says My request and just tap to go to the next page.
  4. Once you are on the My Orders page, there will be many options and here you can choose the tab that says Sent.
  5. In addition, if selected, the orders you have placed will appear, including those wishing to request a return of goods.
  6. How to return goods on Shopee Then you can search and select the product you want to return.
  7. If you entered your order details, swipe down and look for the button send return. It is usually at the bottom itself.
  8. You will then go to the Request Return page. Fill in some mandatory data, such as description of the reasons, photographic evidence, solution options and others.
  9. If you filled in all the data, you can tap on the write option To send.
  10. Done.
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You need to pay attention, before requesting a return, at least you should contact the seller first. Please convey confirmation of your issue, for example the number of items does not match the order.

So that when the request for a return of goods is made, the seller can approve it immediately.

2. Freight Forwarding

In fact, when you are in the process of submitting a return, there are many solution options, such as asking for your money back or resending the item. Many are confused about how to return goods on Shopee with reshipment. Here is the explanation:

  1. First, after completing the above merchandise return submission process, a new returns page will appear. This may appear if you choose a resend solution.
  2. On the page return detailscan tap on menu option see instructions.
  3. Make sure you have packed the items to be returned securely, you can use packaging from the previous seller. Also write down the seller’s address, you can ask first via chat.
  4. There are several options where you can ask for a receipt first and then go to the shipping agency for printing or you can send it directly to shipping so you can pick up the receipt.
  5. so come in resi you received for the available column.
  6. Wait for the goods to arrive at the seller and the funds will be returned or exchanged.
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You should know how to return goods on Shopee. Because nobody knows when you will experience the wrong condition of sending goods from seller. Especially if the item is priced quite expensively.

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