Practicing Basic Map and Mapping Skills

Practicing Basic Map And Mapping Skills

Create a map using a map projection.

Its manufacture is adjusted to the projection used. If the tube projection is the media, the image is projected like a tube on a globe.

Create a map using a grid/plot system.

In the manufacturing process, provide a basemap to be drawn, place a grid/petal on the basemap, compare the plots with the image media (cardboard).

Transfer all sightings in the basemap to image media. Change the scale of the map.

Create a map based on the results of measuring distance (using a meter), heading (using a compass) and altitude.

one. distance measurement

Measure between points on the map, then multiply the map scale denominator or measure the actual distance on Earth (convert to cm) by the map scale denominator to determine the distance on the map.

B. instructions

Determination of angle direction using two models, namely azimuth (angle or always north and clockwise) and consequence (north or south angle counterclockwise/clockwise).

Azimuth And Bearing Example


Sudut U β = 35°


Sudut U β = 35°

Sudut U ə = 35°

All bearings must be bearings, but bearings are not necessarily bearings

ç. Determining the height

Elevation element on the map can be read directly through the following symbols.

  • Triangulation point (high point of a place).
  • An elevation point on a map represents a location where there is an important geographic feature.
  • Contour lines are lines on a map that describe places that have the same elevation.
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How to use contour map scale as follows.

Fifth scale Contour = 2000 x contour range

Analyzing Industrial and Agricultural Sites Using Maps

Analysis of industrial and agricultural sites can be done using maps. The trick is to analyze the location of industry and agriculture using maps

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