Plant Scratcher APK | Download the app and get Paypal balance

Plant Scratcher Apk |  Download The App And Get Paypal Balance

plant scratcher apk – This is Plant Scratcher apk, download the app and have a Paypal balance up to millions of rupees. For those who are interested in working on it, read this article to the end.

Alright on this occasion Ninjakura. with will give you how to play Plant Scratcher the balance generator apk paypal. Here you will know how to use it, from how to participate to how to withdraw money.

What is a plant scratch?

plant scratcher apk is one of the most viral and latest apps to make money today. The quest is very easy and no deposit and most importantly, this Plant apk has proven to pay off.

So make sure you already have a Paypal account before working on your task subscription This one. Cause what? Because the survey will be entered into the wallet.

Tasks and missions in the Plant Scratcher app

Your task is to collect diamonds and from the diamonds you collect you can use them to be exchanged for Paypal balance.

And for the easiest mission in this apk is rubbing the screen, and rubbing this screen you will keep getting diamonds for free, but for rubbing the screen the number is limited depending on how much energy you have.

If the energy you have is gone, you can claim energy for free, and for that free energy, you can claim it once an hour.

Daily claims that you can do it 1x a day to get free energy so you can scrub the screen continuously to get diamonds.

In addition to scrubbing the screen, there are additional missions that you must do, namely the offers mission, and in this app there are 4 types of missions that you can do to get diamonds.

how to make money fast

You can invite friends to get diamonds for free. Please invite as many friends as possible to join the Plant Scratcher apk via your referral link.

In addition to inviting friends, you can also use your friend’s referral code to get a diamond bonus. So maximize all the tasks that the admin described above. To get dimaond you can make loot in this apk.

How to withdraw money in Plant Scratcher APK

After collecting diamonds, withdraw money by going to the “Wallet” menu and the withdrawal method in this app is using a Paypal balance.

The minimum withdrawal in this app is 2000 diamonds which you can exchange for 0.2 dollars. Wait for the withdrawal process until the balance enters your respective wallet. It usually takes one business day.

Final remarks

This is information about plant scratcher apk latest money maker. The admin explained how to play above and if you’re curious, just play.

This is a review of PlantScratcher money generator app, hope it will be useful to you all, don’t forget to keep visiting blog and let’s join Telegram group to get another latest apk to earn money.

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