Perfect curtain ideas to bring elegance to your living room

Perfect Curtain Ideas To Bring Elegance To Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most important parts of any home. It is present at the entrance of the house and when guests arrive it is the room on display. It’s the room where people spend so much time in the house, so it doesn’t become that much more important to redecorate this room every now and then. Well, there are many things you can do to remake your living room. However, something that is quite underrated and makes a lot of difference is the curtains for the living room. They might not seem all that important at first glance, but they impact the feel of the room a lot more than we believe.

Gone are the days when the only purpose of curtains was to protect from sunlight or wind. These days they are mostly used to give the room a practical and beautiful space.

If someone hits the curtains, the room automatically glows. So with living room curtains being so important, World Of Ek is here to help you come up with some cool and trendy ideas to brighten up your living room dynamics.

1. Curtains that blend in

One of the most popular living room ideas is to use curtains that match the color of the living room wall. This is done because if the curtains are matching the colors of the wall, they blend together to make it look really pretty. You can even opt for a curtain that is a shade darker than the color of the room.

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Some window blinds online are of the same theme, it’s better because they don’t need to be washed as often and they also blend in with the room.

2. Highlight colored curtains

People who love interior decoration know how cool it is to add accent colors to the room. Now, to add accent colors, there are a few ways – whether through furniture, floors or curtains. Now, replacing furniture and flooring is an expensive affair, while curtains online are affordable, which makes them an easy choice for adding accent color to the room.

Curtains are currently designed to the exact length of where they would be hung. Online window blinds are exactly 5 feet long, which is the size of standard windows these days, and bedroom blinds are about 7 feet long, making them fit the doorway. However, there are some 9ft curtains online which are a little too long. However, there is a different kind of look to extra long drapes too, just like people like baggy clothes, these are trendy and trendy. People like them however it is your personal choice whether you would like an extra long curtain or not.

4. Curtains that add texture

Now, what is a textureless living room? If your living room walls are painted plain and simple, don’t worry, this problem can be solved by putting some textured curtains on the walls. Not only will this add texture to the room, but these curtains for the room will make it look much bigger and help with the dynamics of the room.

5. Tie curtains

One of the trendiest styles of curtains is the drawstring curtains. These are known for their specialty in that they can be tied or hung backwards. They are famous where there is a glass and there is a view to look at in front of it. These curtains protect from the heat of the sun and, when tied, reveal the real appearance of the environment. It is important to have these curtains for the living room if you have a huge glass door or window.

These bedroom curtains are also good if the bedroom is facing the front. In hotels located on beaches and mountains, such curtains are often used.

6. Various curtains

Curtains usually look good, however, for a room with a balcony, one curtain will not be able to cover the entire space. It is better to add 2-3 curtains of the same type to give a warm feeling. This helps to make the environment much cleaner. There are many of these curtains online that are available in sets of 2 and 3 that are meant for the same purpose. Such curtains for the bedroom are also a great option as they look very good.

7. Roman blinds

There are some old places that have a window smashed in the middle, not allowing room for modern curtains. That’s where these cute Roman blinds come in. They are smaller and much more compact and allow for a streamlined look and are great for those who want to work from home in a cozy environment. Roman Blind blinds online take care of the bedroom aesthetics for you and allow for a much more compact and comfortable living solution.

8. Play with Pelmets

Curtain bandolas are the cornice or a type of box that is cut and crafted often from pure wood, plywood or any other material. It is basically designed to cover the curtain poles and fixings and they are known for bringing style and a lot of drama to the room.

Playing with these valances means adding different varieties of valances. They don’t just hide the holes, but if decorated properly they end up giving the curtains a ravishing look. It is important to have valances the same color as the curtains, and just like online curtains, these valances are also available.

Go around and apply some fancy valances to your drapes or your living room or bedroom drapes as this is where these valances belong.

World Of Ek It is a site where you will not only find beautiful curtains, but you will also find them at very affordable prices. They have all of their stock handcrafted by the finest artisans in the country and their curtains are known to impact the living room vividly as they are so pretty and eye-catching.

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