Perbedaan Post-credits scene, Mid-credits scene, Film Stinger, Movie Stinger, and End credits scene

Perbedaan Post-Credits Scene, Mid-Credits Scene, Film Stinger, Movie Stinger, And End Credits Scene

There is actually no significant difference between the post-credits scene, mid-credits scene, movie scene, movie scene, and end credit scene.

Why is that? Because they all refer to short clips, about movie scenes, that will be made by the production studio in the future.

This means that if there is a movie that uses a post-credits scene at the end of the movie, the director usually has plans to make a sequel to the movie.

The latest example can see movies made by the MCU such as Deadpool, The Avenger, Iron Man and so on.

So for those of you who are looking for differences in the post-credit scene, mid-credit scene, movie stinger, movie stinger and end credit scene, please read this article till the end.

1. What is a post-credit scene?

Post-credit scene, or post-credit scene, is a short music video that appears after or part of the film’s end credits.

The main purpose of these post-credits is to inform the public that there is a possible sequel in the future.

It’s just that, in general, these post-credits appear after the end of the film’s credits and are in the form of a warning that there is something unexpected in the film.

What is the film production studio’s strategy to continue or create a franchise from films that have already aired.

And that term itself became popular only after movies made by Marvel were released, where each movie was related to each other.

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Oh yes, in some cases the term Post Credit Scene is referred to in other words as Post Scriptum, Film Stinger, End Credit Scene and so on.

So what is the main purpose of doing this post credit? The objective is none other than to show the possibility of a sequel to the film.

However, not all post-credits are made with this purpose in mind, as some only contain funny scenes during the filming session.

This can be seen in Jackie Chan’s movies. Or perhaps, to show additional characters that appear only slightly throughout the film.

In essence, a post-credits scene is a short clip containing a sequence or a funny scene that appears after the movie credits have ended.

If it appears in the middle of a credit, it is called a Mid-Credit. This issue will be explained separately below.

2. What is an average credit scene?

Movie Title Credit
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Mid Credit-Scene is a short film clip that appears in the middle of the end credits of a finished film.

Mention of this term only refers to where the short clip is placed and not to its purpose or shape.

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Thus, referring to the above statement, it will give rise to three terms related to the credit scenario, such as:

  • Pre or Pre, which means the movie clip appears before the movie credits start or after the story ends
  • Medium or in the middle, which means the clip will appear in the middle when the movie credits start playing
  • Publish which refers to the short video clips that appear after the end of the movie credits

But, in practice, there are several different meanings about it. For example, pre-credits scene which can also be interpreted as short sense after the movie but before the credits.

In essence, a mid-credits scene is a clip that appears after the movie credits starts rolling and then suddenly stops.,

When stopped, a short cutscene will play for a certain amount of time, then the credits will roll again.

The content of the mid-credits is also varied, some of which are leaked over a sequel that might be made in the future, to show comic relief or for other purposes.

For example, in some movies that show the fate of movie characters, answer some plot-based questions or continue the movie universe.

Typically, the character in this cinematic universe will indicate that there is a character out there somewhere that will appear in a future movie.

That is, this Mid-Credit is just an additional scene that appears in the middle of the credits just before the credits with a black background and contains the end names.

3. What is Film Stinger?

The movie stinger is another name for the post-credits scene which, in more common parlance, is called the movie set stinger.

The stinger, in this context, refers to a short scene from a movie that contains dialogue between characters at the last minute.

The placement of this stinger movie can be before, in the middle or after the last credits of the movie, which are mostly just dialogue and often funny.

So what’s the purpose of putting that sting film? The goals are varied. Some are for making people curious, while some are showing errors during filming sessions and so on.

It can also arrest people who are about to change the channel or leave the cinema so that they stop for a moment because there is a scene that appears.

Historically, stinger films often appeared as gifts or to provide additional benefits to those who watched the film to the end.

And often these gifts are humorous or provide a glimpse of what might happen in upcoming movies or potential sequels.

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A unique example of the movie Stinger can be seen in the movie credits Muppets movie (1979), which at the end of the film shows the Muppets yelling “GO HOME”.

Today, the stinger film is widely used in a number of contemporary films, one of the most popular being Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) and Napoleon Dynamite (2004).

Singer movie placement can also be used to inform or reveal that a sequel will definitely be made in the future.

For example, you can watch movies The Reloaded Matrix (2003) which features from its sequel trailers, one of which is The matrix revolutions.

4. What is the Stinger movie?

Perbedaan Post-Credits Scene, Mid-Credits Scene, Film Stinger, Movie Stinger, And End Credits Scene
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Movie stinger is another term for film stinger, Mid Credit Scene or maybe post credit described above.

Thus, it can be interpreted that the stinger of the film is a scene that appears after the credits of the film finish playing.

Or it can also appear before (Pre) and in the middle (Medium) credit. That’s why it’s called a booster, to make the audience watch the movie until the last minute.

In addition, the film’s stinger is also used to make the audience appreciate or respect the important figures behind the film or their crew.

For an example of this stinger movie, there are many examples, one of which can be seen in the film The Silencers (1966) with a unique post-credit scene.

Which, in the movie, tells audiences that Dean Martin will return for the next sequel to the movie that is assassin’s queue which was released in the same year.

The most famous stinger in cinema can be seen in movies Ferris Bueller’s day off (1986) where after the end credits show Edward R. Rooney riding the school bus.

Then Ferris shows up at his house to tell us the movie is over and asks the audience to go home.

This scene sounds funny, it’s like the actor is talking to the audience. The same thing was done by Ryan Reynolds in the closing credits of Deadpool (2016).

The content looks something like this: Are you still here? Ended. Go home! Oh, you’re waiting for a teaser for Deadpool 2. Well, we don’t have that kind of money. What are you waiting for, Sam Jackson showing up with an eyepatch and a cheeky leather number? Go, go.

5. What is End Credit Scene?

Post-Credits Scene Movie
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End credit scene or post-credits scenes are short clips that are simple, complex, or expansive to provide clues as to what the story will bring in the future.

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Even though it only contains a small clip, this scene is still interesting to watch. Even sometimes it must be seen to understand the timeline of the story.

A simple example of a funny post-credits scene can be seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) with Baby Groot dancing with the Electric Light Orchestra.

From here it can be understood that end credit scene it’s just another term used to denote the scene before, in the middle, or after the credits of a movie.

A movie credit, which is sometimes called a movie title credit, is a clip that contains the names, sponsors, and everyone involved in the filming process.

Thus, it is a kind of tribute to these people, because whoever is involved, their name will appear at the end of the film.

I discussed further explanation of the movie title or the credit of this movie in full hereincluding the arrangement for revolving credit.

Perbedaan Post Credits Scene, Mid Credits Scene, Film Stinger, Movie Stinger, and End Credits Scene

To be clear, consider the differences between the post-credit scene, mid-credit scene, stinger movie, stinger movie, and end credit scene through the table below:

basic difference Post credit scene Average credit scene Stinger movie Stinger movie End credit scene
Definition Post-credits scene is a short clip that appears at the end of the film after the title credits The mid-credits scene is a short clip that appears in the middle of the title credit. The movie stinger is an additional scene at the end of the movie that appears before, in the middle, and at the end of the movie credits. Movie stingers are additional movie clips that are usually placed at certain points in the title credits. The end credit scene is an additional clip from the movie at the end of the title credit, also known as the post-scene credit.
Channel End of the movie In the middle of the title credit Before, in the middle and after the title credit Placed at certain positions or points during title credits End of the movie
Occupation notify continuation additional scenes error error movie information Sequence
Destiny To attract audience attention about the movie in the future Inform the audience about characters whose stories are unknown in the film A stinger for the public to be interested in knowing the end of the story A sting to make the audience want to watch the next movie So that people watch the title credit until it ends
Big ones > 1 menite > 1 menite relatively relatively > 1 menite

From the table above, it can be concluded that all the daitas terms are basically the same, as well as the purpose of using these additional clips.

Oh yes, in some situations the above term is also often replaced by other names like bonus sceneafter credit, post-credits sequence, credit cookie you decide movie coda.

So are all the terms above the same? In general yes. Why is that? Because this is just an extra scene at the end of the movie.

Only the positioning is different. Some are at the beginning of the movie, some are in the middle of the title credits, some are at the end of the movie, until some are placed at certain points.


In addition to being able to increase your knowledge of the movie, knowing the various terms above can help you understand why these additional scenes are important.

Especially for those of you who are in the film industry. And maybe that can be an inspiration to have a loyal audience, who hope that their next film will be seen by more people.

So the article on the differences in the post credit scene, mid credit scene, Film Stinger, Movie Stinger and end credit scene. I hope this article can be useful to you. ***

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