PBS is able to produce better quality students if implemented correctly

Pbs Is Able To Produce Better Quality Students If Implemented Correctly

BANGI, 18 Zulkaedah 1443H, Saturday – Although the Evaluation Form Three (PT3) has been abolished, the evaluation system is still in place, but with more diversity and flexibility of evaluation methods.

EXCO for External and International Relations of the Student Representative Council (SRC) of Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Muhammad Danial Mohamed Farook said that the implementation of School-Based Assessment (SBA) is more holistic and comprehensive because it includes Classroom Assessment ( SBA) ), Assessment of Physical Activity, Sport and Co-curriculum (PAJSK) and Psychometric Assessment (PPsi).

He said the diversity of students’ potentials, talents and abilities would be celebrated, for example, individuals with high creative power could be honed to participate in innovation competitions, while qualified students could be featured in art competitions.

“The focus of learning in schools will also shift from learning the format of answering questions and preparing for exams to enjoying the learning content itself.

“The culture of memorizing textbooks and answers may be left behind,” he said in an article published by BH.

However, Muhammad Danial said that despite the advantages of PBS, several things need to be improved to ensure that its goals can be achieved.

The first is the strengthening of PBS management training for teachers, as the notification period for the abolition of PT3 and implementation of the PBS is very short and makes teachers unable to adequately prepare to change the learning plan.

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“Failure to provide such training causes teachers to be unprepared and unconvinced to apply PBS in teaching practice, staying with current teaching practices that are more comfortable than switching to new elements,” he said. he.

In addition, he said, teachers’ workload should also be taken into account, as they are in charge of almost 40 students in a class when the number is excessive.

“This situation can affect the effectiveness of the PBS implementation because the evaluation process is individual, compared to mass evaluation.

“Teachers also have to do administrative work that gets in the way of teachers’ focus,” he said.

Therefore, Muhammad Danial emphasized, the MOE needs to look seriously at the issue of teacher workload.

It is recommended that the MOE provide PBS assessment assistant teachers for large classes and support staff for tasks other than teaching, while the online score management system should be improved.

Taking the example of Hong Kong and Finland, which also run PBS, he said, the country gives teachers freedom to determine their own curriculum to suit the assessment performed.

He said that Malaysia is not ready to give full independence, but the program should be reviewed by the MOE to better meet the PBS assessment needs.

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“The understanding of the community, especially parents, about PBS also needs to be strengthened. As key stakeholders of the national education system, your support and assistance is much needed to ensure the smooth implementation of PBS.

“Therefore, PBS, if implemented correctly, can prepare students for an uncertain future through a more holistic assessment and not tied to a response schema, with students being able to be more creative, innovative, and understand their own abilities.” he said.

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