Patrick Mahomes was ‘surprised’ by Tyreek Hill’s comment

Patrick Mahomes Was ‘Surprised’ By Tyreek Hill’s Comment

we know it Patrick Mahomes is an NFL star. In fact, he is the only quarterback in history to throw over 5,000 yards in a single season in college and the NFL. Furthermore, he was named the NFL MVP and NFL Offensive Player of the Year in 2018. Furthermore, he was also awarded the Super Bowl MVP. However, recently he has been blown away beyond expectation.

Recently, during a presser minicamp Patrick Mahomes commented that Tyreek Hill’s recent comment surprised him. Read the article to learn more about the comment.

Tyreek Hill recently appeared on his podcast, “It Needed To Be Said”. There, while talking about the NFL, Hill commented that as far as accuracy goes, he would always choose Tua over Mahomes. Tua Tagovailoa is undoubtedly a good player. But his comment was criticized by many. In fact, Hill later supported a tweet by Robert Griffin III. In that tweet, Robert suggested that Hill wasn’t attacking Mahomes, but actually supporting his new Dolphins quarterback.

Nonetheless, Patrick Mahomes responding to Hill’s comment, he said he was surprised. In fact, he also commented that the Chiefs “loved” Hill during his time in Kansas City. He also jokingly commented that Hill perhaps said this to gain some popularity for his podcast.

Patrick Mahomes Is Surprised By Hill'S Comment

Tyreek Hill appears to have changed his allegiance after leaving Kansas City. It often happens to players. Nonetheless, Patrick Mahomes is still true when evaluating Hill. He never made comparisons. In fact, he said good things about Hill and his game. Additionally, Mahomes called Hill a “single player”. He stated that he still loves Hill.

Nonetheless, Patrick Mahomes then quickly changed the conversation to a discussion of the game. In fact, he also commented that he and Hill achieved a lot playing together. But at the same time, he noted that all of this would not have been possible without coach Andy Reid in power. He stated that Reid’s offensive play includes every player on the team and he himself is just a part of it.

Patrick Mahomes seemed to have taken Hill’s comment lightly. He also jokingly commented on Hill’s comment. However, he admitted he was taken aback by Hill’s comment. He also admitted that he didn’t speak to Hill after the comment and also commented that he last met him during the Formula 1 race in May. Furthermore, he revealed that everything seemed fine at that moment. He then jokingly added that Hill was perhaps trying to get publicity for his podcast for the comment.


Patrick Mahomes seems to have taken Hill’s comments lightly. At least his joking remarks seem to suggest so. But Hill’s comment received some criticism from fans and pundits alike. It could be that Hill wasn’t attacking Mahomes. But the comment can also indicate something else. Indeed, it remains to be seen how things develop between Mahomes and Hill in the coming days.

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