PAK restaurant criticized for using Alia Bhatt scene in Aja Na Raja ad

Pak Restaurant Criticized For Using Alia Bhatt Scene In Aja Na Raja Ad

A very shameful act by a restaurant in Pakistan has come to light. Because of this, this restaurant got into controversy. A restaurant in Karachi posted a scene from the Bollywood movie ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ on social media. Alia Bhatt is in this scene. Alia Bhatt’s music video was shared under the offer made to male customers. After sharing the video, now the controversy has started. Also, along with the poster, the restaurant announced a 25% discount for men. Restaurant Swing shared this poster with the caption.

What did the restaurant do?

Let us tell you that one swing restaurant in Karachi, Pakistan, used a scene from the Bollywood movie ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ to offer it to male customers. The restaurant shared on its social networks, which is heavily criticized. The music video is from the movie ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’, in which Alia played the role of a prostitute. Who later becomes the owner of an influential brothel. Let us tell you about a scene in this movie where Alia Bhatt makes hand gestures to attract customers. This restaurant in Karachi has now used this scene for publicity.

Promise to give 25% discount to customers

Swing restaurant in Karachi came out with an offer with a ’25 percent discount for men’ with that poster by Alia Bhatt. Let us tell you that the restaurant took away this offer on Monday. The caption was also written, ‘Aaja Na Raja, what are you waiting for?’ The Pakistani restaurant posted its video on its Instagram page. After this act, the restaurant was widely criticized. Users are calling this a deplorable act of promotion.

Controversy on social networks

As soon as the restaurant posted this post on its Instagram, many users expressed their strong objections to the seductive customer scene like this. One user wrote: ‘You need to see what is being held here. It is foolish to use a painful scene to justify what you are presenting. At the same time, another Instagram user responded by saying, ‘If you guys think this is some marketing ploy and it’s going to get attention and some customers, then you’re dead wrong!

Meanwhile, the restaurant has given its answer to this. The restaurant called this a marketing concept. However, this video has not yet been removed by the restaurant.

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