Pak Hamid was shocked to the point of crying when Awie came on pilgrimage – Oh MyMedia

Pak Hamid Was Shocked To The Point Of Crying When Awie Came On Pilgrimage – Oh Mymedia

Veteran actor and comedian Hamid Gurkha did not expect the presence of singer and actor Awie with the group Wings at his residence.

The Ikhlas Syawal Relief Mission of Wings Wings and Wings Motor Gang Society’s convoy at Pak Hamid’s home was met with tears by the 88-year-old actor.

The subject was shared by Instagram sayap2wings just now.

Pak Hamid’s words invited melancholy

I don’t think you and your friends came Awie..

Pak Hamid Was Shocked To The Point Of Crying When Awie Came On Pilgrimage - Oh Mymedia

A tearful atmosphere enveloped the arrival of Dato ‘Awie, Wings and the Convoy of the Sincere Syawal Relief Mission Wings Wings and Wings Motor Gang Society Humanitarian Mission at Pak Hamid Gurkha’s home.

However, the tearful atmosphere turned joyful as Pak Hamid and Dato ‘Awie shared their sweet experiences while filming Z0mbie Kampung Pisang and Antoo Fighter.

Pak Hamid is popular for acting in many comedy films such as Sikit Punya Gila and Zombi Kampung Pisang. From the beginning, Pak Hamid’s performance has always made us not dry our gums seeing his lameness. May Pak Hamid’s livelihood be reduced and may he receive good health, as well as his family.

Collect Actions Next

Recently, Datuk Awie, along with 20 members of the Wings Motor Gang Society (WMGS) and the Wings Club, did charity work by going to the homes of veteran art activists and artists who need help to ease their burdens.

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Awie is understood to have visited veteran actor Amran Aman Ramlie or better known as Amran Tompel, 70, who has now been homeless from a stroke for more than three months, at his son’s rented home in Taman Matahari Height, Senawang.

Pak Hamid Was Shocked To The Point Of Crying When Awie Came On Pilgrimage - Oh Mymedia

According to Awie, this is one of the ways he and his racing friends provide assistance to fellow artists who are in trouble or are no longer active due to health issues.

“This is how we always do it to help people and friends who are not healthy. This is a good sign and as a fellow artist I am grateful to be able to be together in a charity program like this.

“This is his (Amran) time and I still don’t know. As art people, this is the fact that we don’t have a salary like other people, there are jobs with salaries and there are no jobs without salaries”, he said.

Meanwhile, Awie said that artists need to come together and help each other because in the future we don’t know what will happen because success as an artist has its ups and downs.

“We don’t know what will happen in the future, but with friends who care and support, at least we can be helped.

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“That’s what we (Wings Club) can do when the Rehabilitation Movement Control Order (PKPP) and this charitable program continues,” he said.

Meanwhile, Awie also plans to visit other sick artist friends such as Hamid Gurkha and members of the EXPDC group, as well as the widow of the late Yazid (Search)

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Source: MB @Teh Tarik Kaw

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