PAK actress Nadia Afgan trolled for her pregnancy-related statements

Pak Actress Nadia Afgan Trolled For Her Pregnancy-Related Statements

Pakistani actress Nadia Afgan is being trolled for one of her pregnancy-related statements. The Suno Chanda star had said on a show that it was her and her husband’s wish not to have a child. Because this world is not a safe place. Nadia talked so much that people started trolling her.

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Now Nadia has given a proper response to critics, issuing a statement. Along with that, she also shared her sad pregnancy journey. Nadia said she had two miscarriages and then failed her IUIs three times. After a lot of stress and panic attacks, she is now terrified of pregnancy. Her husband understood her situation.

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Nadia expressed her grief by sharing a long and broad post on Insta. She wrote- I thought I wouldn’t talk about it publicly because it’s full of pain. It is still there, but it has become necessary to do so now. The way people, especially women, are reacting to my statement about not having children is shocking.

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Everyone should know that this is a very private matter. Jodi (Jodi, Nadia’s husband) and I have been married for 15 years and we both love children. We want to have a child one day. But Allah had another plan.

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I had two miscarriages. Three IUIs (a procedure for treating infertility) failed. I was under stress after losing two unborn children. After the miscarriage, I started having panic attacks. I was struggling with it.

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I had gained a lot of weight due to hormonal issues. Despite all these things, we were preparing for IVF at the child’s desire. But I couldn’t go through with it. After yet another emotionally and physically exhausting process, I couldn’t bear the pain of that single line coming on the pregnancy test. Nadia was afraid her IVF treatment might fail, so she didn’t go ahead.

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Nadia said- I received a lot of support from my husband on my journey. He saw what I went through. She prioritized my physical and mental health and comfort. The actress said that after trolling, she relived those last few years of her grief. Nadia’s journey has been harrowing. Her post is heartbreaking.

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Talking about Nadia Afgan is a prominent actress in Pakistan. She has appeared in Urdu movies and shows. She worked in films like Cloak and Darling. She has appeared in Maya, Suno Chanda, Suno Chanda 2, Shashlik and Family Front.

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