Out of jealousy in business, a young woman was injured and stabbed with her car key

Out Of Jealousy In Business, A Young Woman Was Injured And Stabbed With Her Car Key

A teenage girl was attacked by a woman armed with car keys believed to be the result of business dissatisfaction.

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Citing a report by Harian Metro, the incident that occurred near the toy stall in Pantai Merdeka resulted in the 18-year-old victim being injured in the right eyebrow, believed to have been stabbed with a car key.

According to the assistant commissioner of the Kuala Muda district police chief, Zaidy Che Hassan, the suspect attacked the victim when the teenager was in his sister’s tent.

There were brawls and brawls between the two before the crowd dispersed.

Then the victim who suffered eyebrow injuries as a result of being hit by a car key filed a police report about the incident.

Commissioner Zaidy added that the 29-year-old suspect, who worked as a factory operator, was detained to assist in the investigation.

So far, the initial investigation found that the cause of the incident was because the suspect was not satisfied with the victim’s family regarding the deal.

However, investigations are still ongoing and the victim is already receiving treatment at the hospital.

Infectious video on social media

Earlier, a video showing a fight between two women that resulted in the injury was contagious on social media.

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Until it bleeds a lot. What’s wrong with doing business healthy? It’s better this way.

Credit: Daily Metro | Facebook inforoadblock

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