Online investment system simplifies direct investment procedures in Indonesia

Online Investment System Simplifies Direct Investment Procedures In Indonesia– The Online Investment System facilitates the Direct Investment procedure in Indonesia. The Indonesia Investment Council or BKPM has come up with a new way to make it easier for foreign and domestic investors to make investments today.

With the new single national window for the investment system, investors will no longer need a lot of time when trying to make investments in Indonesia. J

The National Single Window for Investment (NSWI) is an online investment system that links various government agency databases in issuing the necessary licenses to make investments.

This online investment system is designed to reduce the time it takes for investors to make direct investments.

Investors no longer need to visit every government agency office to obtain all necessary permits. In short, the gateway to a paperless investment system.

Online investment system simplifies direct investment procedures in Indonesia

Along with the NSWI, there is an online system created to support the process of investing in the One-Stop PKPM service or One-Stop Integrated Service (PTUSP) called DANEMAY inform Perzinanara Sectronasi (SPIPASI).

Through SPIPISE, investors can easily apply for an investment license as well as use this portal to get complete information about their investment and Indonesia in general.

Through SPIPISE, you can easily track your investment request process through the PKPM Online tracking system.

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It’s very easy to see your current progress, the status of your license order, what you missed regarding terms and more.

Another online investment system that must be understood is the Online Single Delivery System (OSS). It is an integrated online system that connects several online licensing systems, including SPIPISE, SiCantik Kemenkominfo (online licensing system used by Ptensp), NSWI and other online licensing systems.

All investor data and their investments are available here as part of Indonesia’s large Investment System.

With OSS, foreign or domestic investors can easily obtain investment permits in less than an hour.

You can get an investment permit just as fast as long as you meet their requirements. There are certain investment conditions to be fulfilled if you wish to benefit from this service.

That is, if investors invest in the business sector regulated in Government Regulation (GR) No. 24 of 2018 on a single electronic delivery system (single submission/OSS).

However, for investors who want to invest in the business sector, in addition to being regulated in GR nº 24 of 2018, BKPM also opens the door to a one-stop service (PTSP Center).

BKPM is still available to help and facilitate any investor if they face any problem while trying to make their investment in Indonesia.

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Also at the BPM office, investors will also be assisted if they wish to clarify the business license procedures they submit through the OSS.

For this price, BKPM supports government regulations through all policies and systems that allow the database to synchronize and coordinate with other government institutions to facilitate investors looking to make investments in Indonesia.

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