Number 1 game in Indonesia right now! Most updates! –

Number 1 Game In Indonesia Right Now!  Most Updates!  –

Number 1 game in Indonesia – Discussing the number 1 game in Indonesia, of course everyone has their rating, yes. Because there are many considerations that must be made to determine it. For example, from the large number of downloads, views from active users or also from the income of each game.

However, we will at least mention some of the best games from our point of view. Not carelessly in determining it, because we also considered several things that were mentioned above. With a review in our opinion later, you may or may not agree.

The purpose of gaming is nothing but entertainment, so many developers are releasing games to meet these needs. Because we have entered the digital age, games can be played on smart phone devices. For that reason, we also review games specifically for smartphone devices, both Android and iPhone.

There are thousands of games on smartphones, to determine which is the best, of course, is not as easy as you imagined. Well, now you can see if the list of games we think is the best will also have your favorite game! Therefore, you must read this article until the end!

About today’s popular games

Number 1 Game In Indonesia

As stated earlier, to determine the number 1 game in Indonesia, it cannot be seen only in total downloads on Playstore and AppStore. This is because the number listed in the total download is not just for Indonesia but for the entire world.

For more accurate results, you also need to see the popularity level and also the active users. Here is a list of the best games in Indonesia that we have collected from various trusted sources!

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List of the best games in Indonesia

Number 1 Game In Indonesia

1. Free Fire

For those who don’t like this game made by Garena, you will surely say that the game is disorganized and doesn’t deserve the first place. In fact, we cannot deny the popularity of Free Fire which is currently downloaded by over 1 billion users.

In addition, the Battle Royale game with a total of 50 players on one map also has the most active users in Indonesia. Interestingly, their income from selling diamonds is also quite high and surpasses other online games.

The number of FF players cannot be separated from the game mode which is quite challenging and also the number of items provided. You can use characters, items, skins and also various other purposes to be the last and beat 49 other players.

2. Mobile legends

Indonesia’s next best game is none other than Mobile Legends with a total download of over 100 million users. This number is actually not as high as Free Fire and PUBG, but we still put it in the second position because there are many active users in Indonesia.

The proof can be seen in the tournaments that are often held, both locally and nationally. This game developed by Moonton is also included with the highest income each month. Of course the sale of diamonds that are used to buy heroes, skins and various other purposes.

Mobile Legends, also known as ML, is a MOBA game with a very unique gameplay. Along with 4 players from one team, you will also face another team of 5 players. The winner is the team that managed to wipe out all the players on the other team. It takes good teamwork to win the game.

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3. PUBG Mobile

PUBG fans, don’t be discouraged if we place them in the 3rd position of the number 1 game series in Indonesia 2021. Even with over 500 million downloads for Android, PUBG is quite difficult to play. This is what makes many players switch to other Battle Royal games like Free Fire.

The advantages of PUBG are none other than the graphics that are provided with enough detail as if they were real. Whatever the objects on the map, everything looks real and detailed with HD resolution. But to play, of course, you need to prepare a medium to high-end smartphone, don’t try to use the ‘potato’ specification.

4. Genshin Impact

Released in 2020 ago, Genshin Impact deserves to be one of Indonesia’s #1 games. This is because currently it has already been used by more than 10 million Android users. Imagine, in just one year, the game made by miHoYo Limited gets a place in the hearts of users.

It’s quite reasonable why this happened, because in this type of roleplaying game, you can do anything. the character you play can cook, exercise, climb and any type of activity that is commonly done. The presentation of HD graphics and details is also one of the reasons.

5. Clash of Clans

Better known as COC, Clash of Clans is the #1 online game in Indonesia with a kind of strategy. Currently used by over 500 million Android users and also has many active users in Indonesia. The game that Supercell offers is quite unique because you have to build a small village until it becomes big with more sophisticated equipment and troops.

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There is a clan where you get together with a team that can also be used as a game mode. To increase the clan, you must frequently fight and win in the game. Town Hall (TH) is an important factor in this game, which can also be considered the level of the city you build.

6. Subway surfers

If all of the above games must be played online, Subway Surfers can also be played offline without an internet connection. The #1 offline game in Indonesia is a kids favorite where the game is just running. On the escape being chased by the train’s security, you also have to pick up coins that were neatly arranged on the road.

The coins that have been collected can later be used to buy characters, floating boards and other interesting items. The reason why we put the single best offline game released by SYBO Games is none other than the number of downloads that reach 1 billion Android device users.


As we said earlier, of course there are those who agree and disagree about Indonesia’s #1 game we mentioned. Again, all these ratings are, of course, relative, depending on who is judging them. For PUBG fans, they definitely put the game at number 1, just like fans of FF, ML and others.

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