Number 1 game in Indonesia in 2021

Number 1 Game In Indonesia In 2021

Number 1 game in Indonesia – The development of the entertainment world continues to increase from year to year. How could it be? This game is very interesting of various genres with most attractive graphics quality. This, of course, makes the number of players in the game also continue to increase.

Not only in international values, this increase in the number of players can also be felt in Indonesia. From the data released by Grid.ID, in 2019, the number of gamers in Indonesia reached 52 million people. You could be one of them.

So what games are played by Indonesian gamers? Of the many games that exist, of course, some of them are chosen players so that the list of games that are played is the most played in Indonesia. Curious about this game?

Next, we will provide you with a list of the #1 games in Indonesia compiled based on best-selling (top-selling.

Number 1 game in Indonesia

Free Fire Game

Yup’s #1 game in Indonesia is achieved by free fire. It’s no secret that Fire Fire has a very large fan base in Indonesia.

Especially if we look at YouTube, FF really dominates the trending list for the YouTube gaming category.

Not only get there, even many times in the category of best-selling games on the Play Store. The image quality is not very high for the game to be played on mid-range devices.

No wonder the players are so big, it is in fact the first type of Battle Royale Strategy game release for smartphone users without fire.

In addition, this game also has a huge following in esports competitions and even has many major tournaments every year.

Surprisingly, Free Fire received an Esports Award nomination for Mobile Game of the Year Award.

So for those who don’t know what an Esport award is, it’s an Oscar award for Esports games, so being a nominated winner like this free fire reception is very valuable and prestigious.

Mobile Legends

Also, we consider mobile legends to be the number 1 game in Indonesia. SEBEB has more players than other games.

A little information, this mobile legend is the result of a game cloned from China, namely Kog (King of Glory) gameplay, heroes and folders. But in Indonesia few know this. SEBEBB Kog was not released for its global version.

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Games developed and released by Moda Developers have managed to steal the attention of gamers since 2016.

Perhaps for those who don’t know that this game was very popular in its time, and now mobile legends are played by many people.

Mobile legend flowers ranging from skins, heroes, packs and so on make this game interesting for many people.

Of course this is understood by fans of this moba game. It’s also easy to get skins, SEBEB can buy diamonds using recharges or from certain events.

Between Us

Over the past few years, game developers are bringing out the best games for Android and PC. Not surprisingly, many are asking for Google Assistant, the number 1 game in Indonesia is Google to get a satisfying answer.

When Google shows the results, a game appears between us. Yes, this action-strategy themed game is indeed loved in many parts of the world including Indonesia.

In fact, thanks to the unique gameplay and discussions between players, among us has always been the usual content of almost every YouTuber game, for example, pewdiepie.

Genshin Impact

The era of open-world role-playing game or can also be called MiHoyo Mihoyo Multiplayer Mode, there is just a lot of new millet. Released on September 28 This game managed to attract the interest of players especially in Indonesia.

Armed with interesting gameplay and graphics, many gamers are on Retalus if Genshin Impact is one of the #1 games in Indonesia in 2021.

Though it takes the best device to play this game but the presence of several 2 million high spec mobile gaming phones makes this opinion a reality.

Also, Genshin Impact can be played for free and is not a salary type to win the game.

Also, with a very wide world and cute anime-like characters, Genshin Impact should top the list first to play alone and with other players from all over the world.

Pubg Mobile

Who doesn’t know the game BattleGround unknown player or what is often called mobile pub?

Although we have placed this game in 5th place, it cannot be denied that PUBG mobile also includes one of them in Indonesia, Indonesia has tens of millions of players in Indonesia.

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The advantage of pub over free fire is in the quality of the graphics, where the game looks so real that it makes pubg players feel like playing non-stop.

In this game, the player must find and retrieve weapons, vehicles and supplies to fight for survival.

Before starting, players will first be on a plane that will dive into locations to find equipment like weapons, armor, and healing items that are used to kill enemies.

Playing this game will take you into the world as if a very real effect actually happened. The skins in this game are also many and features of war equipment that increase the interest of this game.

This game also offers a tandem play feature whose familiar term is Mabar, with a duo or squad mode that augments the pumpkin game.


Fortnite and COD: Warzone have been phenomenal around the world, but we can’t deny the facts that show that Minecraft is the #1 nominated game in the world. Launched in 2009, so far Minecraft has been played by almost 200 million people.

When talking about Minecraft, it is clear that all game lovers already know that this game requires players to trust their imagination and creativity. For example, making several interesting buildings with existing resources.

Even though it is a paid game, in Indonesia Minecraft is still very popular and includes the best game on all devices.

Ludo King

Before the advent of high-end smartphones, around 2010 and below, people played Ludo on a piece of paper with colored pieces. But now, this game is present on Android/iOS bringing the concept of a display that is not very different.

The reason why Ludo King deserves to enter the list of number one games in Indonesia is its simple gameplay suitable for escaping when tired and bored.

Furthermore, the multiplayer feature also allows you to play with players from all over the world. King of Ludo can be played by up to 6 people.

The game rules are simple, the winner is determined from the first 4 sections until reaching the central box (headquarters).

This game is not only enjoyed by dedicated citizens when they are busy, Ludo is also often played by working, professional athletes while they relax.

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Number 1 Game In Indonesia In 2021

It looks like the #1 game in Indonesia is also worthy of being reached by the worm zone. The reason is that this genre brings a bit of nostalgia with the snake game that is often played on old Nokia phones.

Just like in the snake game, in the worm zone you need to find as much food as possible to make it grow long and big. The difference is that the food here comes from the bodies of other dead worms.

Well, to survive, you must develop the best strategy not to hit other worms. Although the gameplay is presented very simply, this game could be the right choice to fill your free time.


In addition, there is ROBLOX that deserves to be named the number 1 game on the Playstore, for its irreplaceable position in the list of the best selling games of the last few months. This game is a must for game lovers who like challenges.

The concept presented by ROBLOx is quite anti-mainstream, where players can create their own games, and play various interesting games created by other players.

Roblox gives freedom to its players to be creative with the resources available in the game. Some of the games that can be played on Roblox are racing, Battle Royale, Adventure, to solve puzzles.

8 Ball Pool

Those who like to play billiards are definitely familiar with this game. Yes, 8 Ball Pool is also on the list of number 1 games in Indonesia SEBEB has analyzed over 20 million users.

In fact, this miniclip game has earned the title of #1 billiards game in the world. 8 Ball Pool offers similar concepts to pool games in general. You just need to put all the balls in the hole.

There are several modes to choose from, one-on-one duels or participating in online tournaments. Then the winner will receive a prize according to the chosen arena. The higher the level, the more rewards.

But if you’re still a beginner, you have to play in the room, Sydney first, the new guy tries Las Vegas or Shanghai.

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