NP Modz Apk MLBB, Mobile Legends MOD Full App Features 2021 –

Np Modz Apk Mlbb, Mobile Legends Mod Full App Features 2021 –
Np Modz

NP Modz – The mobile legend game is indeed a popular game in the country, it is not surprising that its existence has been until now that many third parties have modified it. Well, this time we are going to share with you an explanation of the NP Modz app. What is an app? Of course you want to know more right? Calm down guys, on this occasion you will find out.

The NP Modz app itself is also known as NS Mod, if you know NS mod then this is really the same app. Seeing from its function, it turns out that this apk is a modded apk of mobile legends game that includes many cool features for free.

What is NP Modz?

Np Modz

This is a Mobile Legends game that has been modified so that what is normally paid becomes free with no conditions. One of the features you can open and use is the map hack. The map hack feature can be enabled through apk settings so that in-game play can be seen more widely and even all enemies can be seen clearly.

It’s not enough folks, there are also many other features like Drone View, Unlock All Skins and more. If you play in the official game, of course, you will not have this feature.

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Unfortunately, this apk is not available on the personal play store, so you can download it directly if you want through the link we will make available for you. Alright, just check the link below.

download the apk

Download here: NP Modz Apk

The file size of this apk is quite big, folks, reaching 248.1 MB, so it’s better if your RAM is empty, if it’s almost full now, folks. Ah yes, to know how to install it, you can enable unknown source settings, folks.

Ah yes, for app features check below.

app features

  • unlimited gold
  • Unlock all skins
  • drone view
  • hacked map
  • Patch transformer support
  • DLL

There are still many features that you can enable in the apk. For those who want to give it a try, see the guide below.

how to use it
  1. Open the application.
  2. Then you can enter the apk using the username “GoodGame”.
  3. Also enter the key, ie “transformers”.
  4. If the username is an error or fails when entered, you can re-prompt for a new username and key.
  5. If at the time of requesting a new username, click on Continue.
  6. Use the new username and key to login.
  7. If you entered the apk, select the mod features it provides.
  8. Good luck.
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Using the mod apk is really very exciting and satisfying, but for security it’s very vulnerable to getting banned by the guys’ accounts, so make sure you use a backup ML account, ok?

In addition to the risk of an account being banned, this type of apk is sometimes also at risk for the cell phone that is used, this apk may be inserted with a virus that can take user data, so before using it, you should think carefully.

Well this is an explanation of the NP Modz apk which is currently viral, I hope this thread can add to your view folks. Keep watching our website for the latest updated information on ML games, folks.

Wait for news related to other popular games that, God willing, we will discuss

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