NobarTV Live Streaming Latest 2022 – Newest Free Football Site 2022

Nobartv Live Streaming Latest 2022 – Newest Free Football Site 2022

Did you know that football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Because of their love for this foot sport, many fans are willing to go out of town and even abroad just to watch the game.

Unfortunately, during a pandemic like today, you cannot travel freely. So even watching your favorite matches can only be done online connectedsuch as through NobarTV Live and the Stream2watch website.

Place streaming Football matches like this might be the best solution for you, considering that many leagues are not broadcast by channel Private and domestic TV. There are several alternatives to watch football matches for free, in addition to free streaming sites, it can also be through various Youtube channels that broadcast the matches live.

Through this site, you can not only watch national football matches. But also the Champions League and the Premier League. Of course with a broadcast schedule that doesn’t differ much.

The image quality offered is already HD, so you will be really invited to feel the sensation streaming football matches on legal websites.

The good news is that to watch matches on this site, visitors don’t have to worry about using a VPN. You are also not required to purchase a subscription package. just get ready smartphone or PC and internet connection, now you can relax watching your favorite matches wherever they are.

However, visitors also need to be careful because NobarTV is an illegal website. So that its existence can be blocked by the government at any time. This means that you can no longer access this site through the same domain. Well, if that’s the case, you can search mirror sitesor switch to another similar site.

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About the NobarTV Situs website

Nobar tv is a website to watch live football online with live streaming of Lita Italia, French League, Spanish League, Champions League, Europa League, English League etc.

You can watch football matches around the world live and of course it’s free with no need for a monthly subscription.

But you need to know that this NobarTV site is an illegal streaming site and not an official streaming site, so its existence in the internet world is prohibited by the government, in this case it is Kominfo.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nobar TV Site


  • Always update all world and indonesia soccer league games
  • Unlimited free preview access
  • Update match scores every day
  • If you miss the live stream, you can watch the replay.

Lack of

  • Illegal or unofficial streaming sites
  • There are advertisements appearing on the site
  • Frequently changing domain addresses or website addresses.
  • Some websites use IP addresses, this is what makes the website address difficult to remember.

Download NobarTV Pro Apk

Want to watch the live broadcast of your favorite team’s football match on your cell phone, Good news for you football lovers who want to watch the match through a smartphone application.

NobarTV Pro Apk is one of the apps developed from Nobar TV website, you can download and install this app for free on your Smartphone.

So, to watch football matches live, you don’t need to open a football streaming site, which sometimes causes errors or changes addresses.

Just open the nobartvPro app on your Smartphone. here is the link to download the app.

Download link: NobarTV Pro Apk

Place Streaming Football games other than NobarTV


In a season, there are so many league football games that are held all over the world. Unfortunately, NobarTV online TV does not broadcast all these leagues. Therefore, you can look for other alternative sites to watch football leagues that are not broadcast on this site.

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This nobar tv website often changes its website address because it is often deleted by kominfo, based on our observations, this nobar tv live website sometimes uses ip tools like and https:/ / but generally the address of this site also didn’t last long and changed to a new address., here are the recommendations for free live football sites.

1. is the first recommendation for anyone who wants to watch football matches in HD quality. Various league football matches are streamed through this website.

Unfortunately, has been blocked by Kominfo several times, so to access it you need a VPN. However, after successfully logging into this website, you can watch football matches online for free. Live broadcast.

2. Rojadirect

The next recommendation for anyone looking for a website streaming ball is, but don’t use it occasionally keyword “Rojadirecta” when doing a Google search huh! As this site has been blocked by Kominfo, it often changes address.

To make it easier to find the latest Rojadirecta website domain, you must continue update through football news portals.


There are so many sites streaming free soccer ball that was forced to be blocked by Kominfo because it has the potential to harm the official broadcaster. How not, with free access, you can now watch the match in HD. If so, surely more people will turn to the site. streaming free like this

Interestingly, on you can not only watch football matches, but also other sports leagues such as badminton, basketball, tennis, boxingand others.

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4. Live football TV

Finally there is Live Soccers TV, website streaming best football match. Here you can watch European leagues live Live broadcast pseudonym real time via

In addition to broadcasting the matches of the European League, Live Soccers TV also provides the match schedule. So, before game day, you can take a look at the schedule first.

The resources offered by this site are also very complete. You can choose shows based on channellike Fox Sports, Sky Sports, ESPN for beIN Sport.

You can search for your favorite football league on the three free websites above. But make sure you always update the most recent domain of each site, yes! Whereas all three are still illegal sites that are often blocked by Kominfo.


Wow, there are so many sites streaming ball you can access for free huh? Like streaming NobarTV and some of the website names above.

However, we still recommend that for those who want to watch world football matches to subscribe to official websites such as Molatv website, etc.

Of some of the nobat tv sites we discussed above, illegal sites often go down or change address as they have been deleted by Kominfo, so football fans in the country should update and search the internet frequently for new addresses for nobartv.

But come back if you want streaming ball with more comfort, sites streaming official ball could be a better choice. You no longer have to worry about looking up the latest domain from each of these illegal sites.

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