News summary June 13, 2022

News Summary June 13, 2022

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June 13, 20224 minutes reading

PH reports 1,682 COVID-19 cases June 6-12 — DOH | INQUIRER.NETThe Department of Health (DOH) reported a total of 1,682 infections from June 6 to 12, slightly higher than the total recorded the week before. Based on its latest weekly report, the DOH said on Monday that new cases translated to an average of 240 cases per day, 30.4% above the previous week’s average of 185 cases. Meanwhile, eight or 0.48% of those cases were marked as severe or critical, while five new deaths were added to the country’s COVID-19 death toll. Despite rising cases and the additional number of severe or critical cases, the number of patients suffering from critical or severe COVID-19 infections has decreased from 599 last week to 498 (11.3% of total hospitalizations for COVID-19 ). The ICU bed utilization rate, however, increased from 14.7% in the previous week to 16.6%. The same happened with the rate of use of health services, which increased from 18.1% to 20.3% in the previous week. In terms of vaccination, fully vaccinated individuals are now at 69,759,711 (77.51 percent of the target population) after an additional 271,191 individuals were vaccinated last week. Individuals with booster doses totaled 14,526,648 after 214,142 additional individuals were inoculated in the same period. Based on the DOH’s COVID-19 tracker on its website, the number of COVID-19 cases currently stands at 3,693,222 as of June 12, with active cases at 2,918, recoveries at 3,629,843, and 60,461 deaths. increased slightly in recent weeks, which experts attributed to neglected health standards.

LTO revokes SUV owner’s driver’s license in Mandaluyong hit-and-run | INQUIRER.NETThe driver’s license of the sport utility vehicle (SUV) owner who figured in the viral hit-and-run incident has been revoked, the Land Transport Office (LTO) said on Monday. According to a note from the LTO, the owner of the Toyota RAV4 with license plate NCO 3781 – identified as a certain José Antonio San Vicente – was held responsible by the agency for reckless driving and violation of Article 55 (Duty of the driver in the event of an accident) of the Law of the Republic 4136 or the Land Traffic and Transport Code. San Vicente is perpetually disqualified from obtaining a driver’s license and driving a motor vehicle, the LTO said. “The LTO holds Defendant San Vicente liable for reckless driving and for violating Section 55 (Duty of the driver in the event of an accident) of RA 4136 when he left the scene and the victim. Along with his disregard for Department of Ground Transportation authority, his acts are considered unacceptable driver behavior,” LTO said. “Taken as a whole, his actions are tantamount to the acts of a person unfit to operate a motor vehicle in accordance with Section 27(a) of RA 4136 […] The non-professional driver’s license of Mr. San Vicente has been REVOKED under Section 27 of RA 4136 and he is PERPETUALLY DISQUALIFIED from obtaining a driver’s license and driving a motor vehicle,” he added. The LTO also confirmed statements by Philippine National Police (PNP) officer Lieutenant General Vicente Danao Jr. earlier, who said that San Vicente has already incurred a previous infraction for reckless recklessness. However, the LTO said there were not one but three reckless driving arrests in 2010, 2015 and 2016, 2015 and 2016), showing a history of his reckless behavior on the road,” the office added.

Immigration Implements Dismissal Order Against ‘Pastels’ Employees | PHILSTAR.COMThe Bureau of Immigration implemented the dismissal order against 45 of its officers and employees, which the Ombudsman’s Office held responsible for the “chip gum” bribery scheme that allowed foreigners to enter the country without writing checks. Assistant Attorney General Neal Bainto told reporters that the dismissal also entails “perpetual disqualification from holding public office, cancellation of eligibility, [prohibition] to take a public exam and lose the retirement benefits”. President Rodrigo Duterte announced last July that immigration personnel had already been fired, but found they were back in their posts after serving a pre-trial suspension. The Ombudsman’s Office, in a decision of 143 pages, considered that 45 agents of the BI responded for offenses of serious misconduct and conduct harmful to the best interest of the service for their involvement with the “tablet scheme”. The DOJ also conducted its own investigation, which departed from the BI’s Fact-Finding Investigation Committee, to investigate the case. Last week, the department recommended the firing of 18 employees after they were also held administratively responsible.

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