New ‘Stranger Things’ trailer teases Vecna ​​showdown – COOL 94.3

New ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer Teases Vecna ​​Showdown – Cool 94.3



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We’ve got a hair-raising new trailer for the final two episodes of Stranger Things 4: Vol. two.

In the clip released this Tuesday, with the soundtrack of a remix by Kate Bush “Running Up That Hill,” Netflix teases more of the epic showdown between Hawkins’ teenagers and Upside Down villain Vecna.

The stakes are higher than ever as we see glimpses of Millie Bobby Brown‘s Eleven regaining her powers and hears Vecna’s menacing voice say, “It’s over. Now I just want you to watch… Your friends lost.

vol. two The fourth season of the series premieres on Netflix on July 1.

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