Netizens, 65-year-old grandfather marries 18-year-old girl

Netizens, 65-Year-Old Grandfather Marries 18-Year-Old Girl

Profile of H sononi’s grandfather, 65, who married an 18-year-old girl

Making an uproar of netizens about the marriage of a grandfather of six or 65 years who can propose to a beautiful 18-year-old girl, it is known that on May 18, 2022 there was a marriage between the 65-year-old grandfather named H. sononi, he works as a land lord, don’t be surprised if with the wealth he has, he is able to make the heart of a beautiful girl named Via take an interest in him and finally accepts the proposal and is willing to marry grandma .

The Cirebon native also explained that he has 4 children from a previous marriage and has bought all his children a house and a car, so it is impossible for him not to buy a house and a car for his wife, he said when interviewed.

Check out the Confession of this Cirebon Grandfather

A report from Grandpa H Sondani revealed that the initial encounter took place during the guardian’s pilgrimage with the group before yesterday’s fasting month, but after the encounter Grandpa H Sondani, who had fallen in love with a beautiful girl named Via, continued to approach the girl.

Reveal it from the beginning of the approach through questions “You have a lover” “Not yet” replied via, it turns out that the beautiful girl’s response encouraged the 65-year-old grandfather to hit the road and propose.

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With the proximity of H sononi to via, Via’s parents called her grandfather to ask for clarification on his approach, H sononi also expressed his intention to propose the beautiful girl in marriage.

The request did not get immediate response from the beautiful girl, so Sondani’s grandfather suggested to Via that he should visit his mother’s grave first, after returning from the pilgrimage, good news reached Sondani’s grandfather saying that he was ready to be proposed.

As for the cost of the marriage of H sononi with Via, which cost 700 million, he also pointed out that the dowry he offered the woman was 500 million in cash, a car, a house and sending the whole family to Umrah via.

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