My Rude Wife Novel Free PDF Full Episode

My Rude Wife Novel Free Pdf Full Episode

My Rude Wife Novel Free Pdf Full Episode

June 8, 2022

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Hello to all friends how are you today? Hope you all are well. On this occasion I will share a novel that has a rather interesting history. The novel is titled My Ride Wife. Novel My Rude Wife PDF is being sought after by romance lovers. It can be said that the novel is quite popular and interesting to read.

For those who are looking for the latest novel recommendations, this novel is perfect for you to read.

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But before that, we want to tell you a brief description of the following PDF novel My Rude Wife.


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Description of the novels

  • Judul: My rude wife
  • Author: Ci Nor Cinta
  • Genre: Romance
  • Rating: Very good (4.9)
  • Malay

Synopsis My Rude Wife Novel PDF Bahasa Indonesia

It’s hard when love is felt but kept secret. Melur may be in love, but she’s hiding. Firdaus may love, but he doesn’t realize.

“Yes, Dad asked Melur to marry my brother, but I forced my brother to marry Melur. That’s the difference.”

“Abi isn’t forcing it. He also asked your sister to marry Melur.” Firdaus replied bluntly.

“After days of talking about having to get married, why? Isn’t this a drama just a coat?”

“I didn’t, of course I felt compelled.” Firdaus replied slowly. Smiling smile.

“Tup-tup can marry cun. Pergh! In my heart I said ‘I can accept. If not, let go. Lawa tu… find where. Real? Melur said as he raised his eyebrows. Firdaus held back a smile looking at Melur’s mischievous face.


Indeed, it was Melur selamba and selamba that made Firdaus angry. But, he was angry and arrogant.

“Brother, don’t worry about making our story cliché like a novel adapted for a TV drama. Waste of time.” said Melur began. Firdaus turned around.

“You mean?”

Just look at the novels now. Forced marriage. At first I didn’t want to, angry, noisy. Sleeping stranger. Talk to you-me. So slowly love and fall in love. Very cliché. Garbage in a storybook store like this. We want that too. The main characters are brothers. The theme is forced marriage.”

Can a rude wife break the ego of a man called a husband? Yes, sometimes Melur can feel Firdaus’ love enveloping her heart, but sometimes it’s like the wind that blows and leaves her side.

Sometimes he would feel his hands merge with Firdaus’s and then he would make a sound indicating that they loved each other. But sometimes it feels like he holds his own hand and claps his hands. Yes, it seems, but it was just a dream.

Where and where did heaven’s love go? Is it still intact for Dee or has it sprouted for the one who is faithfully waiting?

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How to Get My Rude Wife’s Novel PDF Free

For those who are curious about the continuation of the My Rude Wife story, you can read the story for free here.

You can read My Rude Wife novels for free using app services available on Google Play Store and App Store. Some new apps you can use to read My Rude Wife Novel PDF, so you can use the following new apps:

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With the application to read the novels that we broadcast above. You can read My Rude Wife until the last chapter. You can choose one of the above apps that you find suitable for you.

If you have the money, we recommend you buy a hard copy of My Rude Wife Novel PDF.

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So many My Rude Wife Novel PDF reviews that we can share. Hope this review can be helpful to you all.

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