Muse [v6.6.4] APK Mod for Android for Android

Muse [V6.6.4] Apk Mod For Android For Android

Project Description: Muse [6.6.4]

Project: Muse [6.6.4] updated Monday, May 16, 2022 is music for Android developed by Rinzz Co. Ltd.

Project: Muse


Project Muse – a musical arcade where the user presses the keys in time with the music. There are several characters, the choice of which depends on which musical composition it will sound. Firstly, players can receive training, which will allow you to adapt to management. You can then try to complete the levels and it must be said that the game has a high level of difficulty: one mistake and everything has to start over. However, the project has addictive gameplay and colorful graphics.


The player’s journey in Project: Muse is almost endless and full of entertainment, bringing lots of joy to everyone with fun music. The game focuses entirely on the live element, ensuring that players always have a refreshing or better experience while completing many rhythmic challenges. Each girl will also have a separate adventure that promises to give players the most refreshing or exciting experience while enjoying music with action.


The gameplay emphasizes the player’s reflexes or rhythmic skills on almost every level of unforgettable music throughout the library. All songs are also divided into separate difficulty levels, and based on the player’s level, new content will gradually unfold and greatly stimulate your experience. In each level, the player’s task is to tap the right falling pieces, and each piece has its own mechanics that gradually add up to a full song.


The unique songs in Project: Muse are all tough, using new mechanics with a more complex and dense style to keep the player entertained. It also includes a big change in the rhythm of the music or the bonuses that appear midway to give better rewards to test everyone’s agility. Many other actives only appear on specific occasions and all have been transformed into many different variations of the original product.

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The most exciting sensations players can achieve as they conquer the high rankings competitively against friends or internationally. Each song has its ranking, and there’s even a free mode to choose the best artists and adapt to the high tempo of each song. Every week the leaderboard is updated and all the best players receive corresponding rewards that can be used to unlock new characters or songs.


If players want more excitement, Daily Challenges are the appropriate content in Project: Muse when things are changing dramatically. The selected songs are all exclusive and of greater difficulty, but players can opt for infinite mode and enjoy everything. In addition to challenges, training exercises are also useful for testing the player’s hand speed or ability to focus on different tracks.


Boss fights can be seen as the height of entertainment in gameplay, where everything is built with many dangerous and scary concepts. They also have a lot of interesting songs that players must conquer in order to defeat them, and many of the boss obstacles are appealing too. Musical battles are always the most exciting things and just hitting songs with a perfect score is enough to blow them away with rock ‘n’ roll.
Project: Muse is one of the most exciting music games as its gameplay increases over time and always comes with the most complex progression the game can produce. Lots of exciting rhythms or songs will also be new experiences for players to feel the melodies and play the levels perfectly.

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Project: Muse

Features :

* Rhythmic gameplay, innovative real-time key pronunciation.

* Original independent electronic music producer.

* Innovative multi-track music games.

Project: Muse

* Different styles of electronic music, constantly updated.

* Cool and rich themed skins with unparalleled visual effects.

* 40 characters with different personalities, each with their own characteristics.

* Featured Theme Music Pack, immerses you in the story characters.

* Compete with friends and global players.

* Full support for Apple devices at full resolution.

* The rhythm of electronic sound and musicians have an emotional resonance.

* Obvious improvement of this game on amblyopia.

* Enjoy the fascinating and wonderful journey with the girls as you travel through powerful songs and melodies specially created for pure entertainment.

* Simple gameplay emphasizes players’ reflexes, speed or ability to concentrate as they must complete all courses with rapidly falling pieces in each level.

* Get access to each character’s exclusive music to learn more about their background or personality development while enjoying animated content.

Project: Muse

* Complete daily challenges or other activities with friends or real players to get extraordinary rewards that allow you to unlock unique songs.

* Epic boss battles with great builds and styles that immerse players in immense joy or fascination as they defeat everything to music.
Download Project Muse v6.6.4 MOD (Free Shopping) APK for free

**An amazing musical adventure**
It was an amazing music game in a different way! Every note, every voice responds to your touch!

Game features:
• Rhythmic gameplay, innovative real-time key pronunciation.
• Original independent electronic music producer.
• Innovative multi-track music games.
• Different styles of electronic music, constantly updated.
• Cool and rich themed skins with unparalleled visual effects.
• 40 characters with different personalities, all with their own characteristics.
• Selected theme music pack, takes you to the characters in the story.
• Compete with friends and global players.
• Full support for Apple devices, with full resolution.
• The rhythm of electronic sound and players have an emotional resonance.
• This game obviously improves on amblyopia.

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Game rules:
• Tap the note while following the rhyme, make sure it gets perfect.

Project: Muse

• Don’t miss a note, hit combos and hit it perfectly to get higher scores.

Better experience with headphones.

This game obviously improves on amblyopia!
Instructions on using amblyopia / hyperopia training:
1. First, you need to choose a special skin for [amblyopia / hyperopia] in-game (those with normal vision are not recommended)
2. The principle of hyperopia is to increase vision by using the sensitivity of awakening visual cells such as red light, blue light, network light and after-image light to stimulate eyeball development and improve vision.

Hope you like the game!
Thanks to the game icon p. Muse – Emily made by the player “SmolAntBoi”.
Thanks to ColBreakz, Blaver, KODOMOi, Akako Hinami, Yan Dongwei and other famous music producers.


“Project: Muse” is a free game, but it involves an optional paid VIP service and some in-game props need to be paid for.

If you encounter game issues, please contact customer service email: [email protected]

What’s New in Project: Muse [6.6.4]

1.Added new season.

2.Added season-exclusive skins.

3.Added “Black and White” theme theme.

4.Added six new tracks.

EVA – Day and Night

MIRANA – Secret Party

SIMONE – Special Guest

LILI – House of Good Luck

AMENRA – Brutal Game

CHELSEA – Just for fun

5. Added six track cover images.

6.Optimized the long press disconnect problem.

7.Optimized the score judgment problem.

8.Revised actual speed display.

9.The speed is not affected by the intimacy of the music and can be freely chosen.

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