M’sian woman shares the story of how her daughter was almost kidnapped after school in Petaling Jaya

M’sian Woman Shares The Story Of How Her Daughter Was Almost Kidnapped After School In Petaling Jaya

On social media, netizen Azie Irfantasha shared the story of how her daughter was almost kidnapped near her home in Kg Dato Harun, Petaling Jaya.

Sharing her story, while making a report on the matter, several status updates told the story of how a white van tried to kidnap her daughter by offering her candy.

Here is the story of the incident.

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“My daughter usually arrives from school around 6:35 pm, but as her grandfather forgot to pick her up from school, she waited until 7:10 pm before deciding to walk home.”

“On the way home, a white van with three men stopped him and offered him a lollipop, forcing him to take it.”

“They grabbed him by the shoulders and forced him to take the lollipop. He ran as fast as he could, away from his future captors.”

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“She managed to look back and found the man wasn’t chasing her.”

“According to the police, if the van is not parked on the opposite side of the road, it will be taken to the scene.”

“When asked why they couldn’t pick her up from school, she shared that her husband went to look for her when their daughter didn’t get home in time.”

“When her husband met her halfway to school, she said her stomach hurt from running too fast.”

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“We’ve definitely learned our lesson. We’re lucky that our daughter is still safe with us.”

Sharing a video of them filing a police report with their daughter, Azie mentioned that since the case was so big, they were instructed to file a report at police headquarters.

Let’s take better care of our kids, okay?

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