Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto available on Amazon [U]

Motorola Ma1 Wireless Android Auto Available On Amazon [U]

Motorola MA1 was announced at CES 2022 Amazon quickly ran out of stock and other retailers. The Motorola-branded Android Auto Wireless Adapter is again available for purchase on Amazon.

Update 06/20: A week after it was sold, it became the Motorola MA1 Available again on Amazon. It’s still sold by Motorola Voice and shipped by Amazon, although the earliest delivery date is now July 5 (in the US) instead of a few days.

Update 06/13The Motorola MA1 is again sold out on Motorola Voice on Amazon.

Original 6/12After the $89.95 Motorola MA1 became available for pre-order in mid-January, this Chromecast-style dongle began shipping to customers later that month. Soon, the official seller ran out of stock, and those who wanted such a device were forced to turn to third parties, who often sell it for an additional cost.

As of Sunday night, the Motorola MA1 is back. in stock on amazon From «Motorola Voice» – the manufacturer. It ships from Amazon and arrives with Prime Delivery early next week.

Not yet available in the best buy or target this day. Fortunately, this marks the beginning of continued availability to buy an Android Auto wireless dongle and the end of price gouging.

Compared to some third-party offerings that have outperformed this branded device on the market, Motorola Sound says it “licenses technology from Google that makes it easy to wirelessly connect to existing Android Auto vehicles with USB.”

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as we explained in our review:

Of course, it’s important to remember that this isn’t the Motorola you’re considering, but rather a sub-brand known as “Motorola Sound”. This particular product is produced by SGW Global, which licenses the brand.

The non-removable USB-A cable extends from the black drive. After connecting to the car, you can pair your Android device and no longer need to connect your phone to get the Car in your infotainment system. It targets older vehicles that don’t natively offer wireless Android Auto.

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