Monetization Success with RajaView

Monetization Success With Rajaview

In today’s millennial age, being a YouTuber or content creator is both a hobby and a profession that is in great demand. By becoming a youtuber, many people manage to get money from the coffers every month up to tens or even hundreds of millions of rupees.

However, for the videos we make that can earn money or be accepted by Google Adsense, there are several conditions that you must fulfill, namely the minimum number of subscribers must reach 1,000 and the showtimes have reached 4,000 hours. Now for showtimes you can get it easily and quickly with the help of Rajaview Safe. Here’s more information.

Monetization Success With Rajaview

Make a video, note that rajaview is safe

Rajaview is for: Beginner YouTubers, who have not reached 4000 watch hours, monetized YouTubers cannot promote their youtube content on RajaView Videos promoted on RajaView must be technically and with good content.

  • Technically the video has good sound and picture display, it is not carelessly made, if it is good, Rajaview viewers can subscribe, if the video is carelessly made, you can only watch it. It is difficult to move forward in the future, because the ability to create videos is low.
  • Content, the content of videos that are interesting, useful, trending at the moment, make viewers watch the advertiser’s video to the end and see other videos in the advertiser’s channel account
  • View duration time on RajaView is also very influential, if YouTuber video is 10 minutes, choose viewing duration on RajaView market is only 5 seconds will hurt YouTube channel because YouTube is considered not good , a 10-minute video is watched only 5 seconds, the percentage is very small. . So pay attention to RajaView viewers watch time and YouTuber video time so that
    the view percentage and total video time are not far off.
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Why the number of views obtained does not match the order at the time of the rajaview message, this is because, RajaView viewers are from all over Indonesia, and the position cannot be adjusted, many IP addresses are the same, which makes calculation difficult of the visualization not according to the number of visualization orders.

This indicates that the audience is genuine, not BOT (using
Software). If you want to match the number of views on demand, you can buy the view that is
using BOT, many are selling it, but its security is not guaranteed.
If you have reached 4000 hours of streaming, YouTubers no longer need to use RajaView, because videos with ads cannot enter the RajaView marketplace viewer.

So, for those who want to watch YouTube, they can also register to become a Rajaview member to earn additional income.

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