Modena-UMN Kitchen Studio, modern kitchen for hospitality students

Modena-Umn Kitchen Studio, Modern Kitchen For Hospitality Students

WMOTION.CO.ID – Modern kitchen equipment is certainly necessary to support professional cooking activities. This is also the key to successful hospitality student learning.

To help support education and human resource development in Indonesia, home appliance brand Modena, in collaboration with Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN), introduces Modena-UMN Kitchen Studio.

The studio, located in the laboratory area of ​​the D3 Hospitality study program, in the PK Building. Ojong – Jakob Oetama, UMN so it can be used by students.

“Of course this is expected to broaden horizons and knowledge in the culinary field professionally. In addition to providing facilities, Modena will also support students to improve their culinary skills by presenting activities such as webinars or cooking demonstrations by guest chefs,” Modena director Bagus Prastowo recently explained.

According to Bagus, cooperation for the acquisition of this facility was carried out on many campuses in Indonesia. Modena also looks at which campuses have superior accreditation so that they have a sustainable plan to be able to support the campus for the long term.

In addition, he said, Modena already has the tools and structures, while the UMN already has a curriculum and government support. Both parties believe that this collaboration can produce turnkey personnel in the hospitality industry.

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“This collaboration is not only in the form of providing facilities, but also experienced specialists (chefs). This is the embodiment of the education industry, bringing professionals to teach in order to create qualified human resources,” concluded UMN Vice Chancellor II Andrey Andoko.

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