Many women volunteer to be nursing mothers Ayash, Shuib consider religious law

Many Women Volunteer To Be Nursing Mothers Ayash, Shuib Consider Religious Law

Shuib’s premature baby and the late Siti Sarah, Ayash Affan, who was born last Friday, is now in stable condition.

According to Shuib, her fourth child is now dependent on formula and doctors recommend getting a supply of milk from a nursing mother.

Recognizing that it was a big challenge, Shuib admitted that some people have volunteered to be the mothers who breastfeed their baby.

“Although some have offered to give breast milk, but I’ve had to think about it when it comes to religious law,” he said after the tahlil ceremony and Yassin’s virtual reading last night.

In another development, the hospital gave a period of one month before Ayash could be taken home. More reassuringly, the smear test results were performed twice and Ayash was confirmed negative for covid-19.

Shuib added that he is grateful to be surrounded by family and friends who offer so much help. For now, according to Shuib, his father-in-law helps take care of the children when he has to go to work. She is also currently in the process of finding a maid after a previous maid was also killed due to covid-19.


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