Many urged authorities to search and arrest, Bezza’s driver torturing the cat

Many Urged Authorities To Search And Arrest, Bezza’s Driver Torturing The Cat

Contagious on social media recently, closed circuit television (CCTV) footage from a store showed the actions of a man who allegedly intentionally threw bricks at a cat, resulting in head injuries.

Through the sharing of a user, Hawa who also uploaded the recording, reported that the man was not happy with the presence of several cats in the store area.

“The man was not satisfied with all the cats nearby, he lured them to eat and then looked for an opportunity to kill them.

“In this video, the cat was eating and then it saw bricks near the edge, it kept ‘hitting’ near the cat’s head until it ‘swelled up’ with blood,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hawa also shared the type and registration number of the man-driven car as detected by CCTV footage.

Heading to the comments section, the general public urged authorities to immediately conduct an investigation to track down the man’s whereabouts and properly punish his cruel act.

“We must protect this animal, there is a law, please find, arrest the man,” commented Azhari.

“That this man is arrested, it’s the cat’s fault,” Teah said.

Furthermore, Muhammad Muiz also reminded the audience to act with common sense and never cruel to animals.

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“Please have a feeling of love for animals, all kinds of cases of people torturing animals, to eat poison, beat, throw, kick, beat without guilt, ready to laugh, remember, even animals know pain “, he said.


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