Many people do this! How to Edit PDF Files on Laptops Online and Offline

Many People Do This!  How To Edit Pdf Files On Laptops Online And Offline

In work activities, it is not uncommon to find files in PDF format. Especially for college students. This file format is sure to become everyday food. Because many modules and spreadsheets are available in PDF format. Sometimes work reports and courses must be submitted in edited PDF format. So it is important that you know how to edit PDF files on a laptop.

The PDF itself means Portable Document Format. This format is often used for final files. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t change it. This finished file form can still be done in the editing process. But many don’t know how to edit PDF files on a laptop.

Editing PDF files on a laptop is actually easier to do. Because this device can support change, copy, downsize and compression features. Editing PDF files on a laptop is also more practical. The file can be opened on a large enough screen to make corrections.

How to Edit PDF Files on Laptops Online and Offline

The PDF format is indeed considered a practical file. Also, this file doesn’t take up much space on the laptop. As a final version of the file, the PDF cannot be separated from the editing process. Thanks to technological advances, how to edit PDF files on a laptop can be done both online and offline. You need to know each of these ways. To make changes faster.

Using Microsoft Word Features

There’s no need to think too much about third parties to edit PDFs. You can easily use Microsoft Word. Surely you are also very familiar with this software.

Not just writing, it works well enough to edit PDF format. This software made by Microsoft can open, edit and save PDF files. You can follow the following method to make PDF editing even better.

  • Open the Ms software. Word from your laptop.
  • Click on the File menu located in the upper left corner of the layer.
  • Continue selecting the Open menu. Then a new window appears This PC.
  • Select the folder where to save the PDF file to be converted.
  • Click on the PDF file in question. Then select the Open button in the lower right corner.
  • Then the PDF file is immediately opened in the Ms. Words software. Then you can do the editing process.
  • When finished, save it using PDF format.
  • Click the file menu under Ms. Words.
  • Select the Save As command. In the Save as type column, select PDF format.
  • Click Save at the bottom to save your edits.
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Using the Adobe Acrobat Pro application

A well-known and very useful application for editing PDF files is Adobe Acrobat Pro. Many have used this application on laptops. Even in the working world, using Adobe is considered more professional. Because it offers advanced features for editing PDF files.

To get full features, you need to subscribe. But even without paying you can edit correctly, like:

  • Go to the folder where the PDF file is saved. Then open the PDF file you want to convert
  • When the file is open, right-click it.
  • Select the Open With menu. Various editing software options will appear.
  • Choose Adobe Acrobat.
  • Click on the Tools menu at the top of the window.
  • Continue selecting Edit PDF.
  • You can do the editing process by opening the toolbar.

Using the Nitro Pro App

You can also use Nitro Pro software to change the content of PDF files. But, first you need to install it on the laptop. This tool is actually quite popular for editing PDF files. The features in it are no less good. What’s more, you can get it for free. Not just changing the format, this app can delete or write text.

How to use Nitro Pro as follows.

  • Open the Nitro Pro application that is already installed on the laptop.
  • Once the window appears, select File.
  • Continue selecting the Open menu to open the PDF.
  • Look for the folder or PDF file you want to edit in the My Computer field. Click on the file in question.
  • Then click Open to open the file or double-click the PDF format directly.
  • When the PDF is open in the application, select the Edit menu. Then select the type of change you want.
  • When finished, just click on the Save symbol. Then the most recent files are automatically saved.
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Using the Soda PDF App

You know, it turns out that PDF files can be converted online. This is another alternative for quick and easy editing. You don’t need to install any software. Just provide stable internet access. So you can take advantage of Soda PDF’s facilities.

As? Follow this step!

  • Make sure you have good internet access.
  • Open a browser on your laptop. Then enter in the address search field.
  • Open the PDF by clicking the Open menu.
  • Continue doing a file search in My Computer. If you found it, double-click on the file in question. Then the PDF upload process will run.
  • If successful, soda.pdf will display the selected PDF file.
  • Click on the edit menu. So you can make changes to the text. This includes deleting or typing text.
  • When finished, you can save by clicking the Save menu in the upper left corner.

How to use Google Docs features

Google’s development is undoubtedly accelerating. Google Docs feature can do the process of editing PDF files. Unfortunately, many do not know this. That’s all, you must have stable internet access. Because this process is done online. How to edit PDF files on this laptop is quite long. Therefore, it requires foresight and better knowledge of this feature.

  • First, log in to your Gmail account.
  • Click on the menu symbol with the boxes in the upper right corner.
  • Select the Google Drive menu. Then a view of all files in My Computer and My Drive will appear.
  • Browse for the PDF file that will be edited.
  • If the PDF file is still stored in My Computer, upload it to Drive first.
  • Open the file using Google Drive.
  • Right click on the file. From the Open With menu, select Google Docs.
  • Your PDF file will appear in a new window.
  • Then select the Edit menu to change the file.
  • To save to your laptop, select File.
  • Click on the Downloads menu. Then click on the PDF storage format option.
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Via the Sejda Online website

Another site that makes editing PDF files easy. If the editing application does not work or runs for a long time, you can take advantage of the Sejda online site. On this site you can edit PDF easily. Of course, this feature is available for free. As long as you have internet access, editing can be done at any time. Follow this method to edit PDF files on a laptop!

  • Enter the address in the browser.
  • Select the PDF Editor menu.
  • Click on the Upload PDF File menu.
  • Select the PDF file to be edited in My Computer.
  • The file automatically opens in a new document window and is ready to be edited again.
  • If it’s done and you’re sure it’s correct, click the Apply Changes menu at the bottom.
  • Wait for the preview process to complete.
  • Click on the Downloads menu. Then the latest file will be saved on your laptop.

As it turns out, there are several ways to edit PDF files on a laptop. All this can be done according to the needs and conditions. Even the technology makes it easy to edit PDF files online. So you can choose a more practical way.

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