Malang Night Paradise 2022 Ticket, Tours & Venues

Malang Night Paradise 2022 Ticket, Tours &Amp; Venues

For those who want to find bright night lights and thrilling rides at night. Why not try going to Malang Night Paradise? yuck plan!

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Opening hours: 18.00-23.00 WIB
Ticket price: Rp. 50,000/person (day of the week) Rp. 65,000/person (Weekend)
Contact: (0341) 4351795
Activity: photography, play
Visiting time: 4 jam
Address: Jl. Graha Kencana Raya Jl. Raya Karanglo No.66, Karanglo, Balearjosari, Kec. Blimbing, Malang, East Java 65126
Public facilities: Mosque, Gazebo and tours
Online maps: view maps

Furthermore Spectacular Night of Batu in Batu, Malang. Malang also still has a modern night tour and of course it has to see very photo snapshot with many lights led installed. It is never empty of visitors because many young people and their families spend the night Weekend in Malang Night Paradise.

adding value aesthetic because you will be presented with many dim lights, also because the concept is similar to a family outing, because it has to see educational tours for children, such as the Dinosaur Park, which features replicas of these ancient animals. yuck search again!

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Malang’s Night Paradise

A night tour concept that features a lot exhibition the sparkling night is also a vehicle that is ready for you explore dong naturally. Do you know no if Malang Night Paradise has a similar concept to Rainbow Park at Jogja Return Monument, Yogyakarta. It’s cool the main thing is.

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And during the day, that ride is the Hawaii Waterpark. And if night comes, change to Malang Night Paradise. hey, This is because Hawaii Waterpark and Malang Night Paradise are managed by the same party, namely PT. Masterpiece of Immortal Image.

Malang Night Paradise combines aspects of the art beauty of tourist attractions with education and technology in one object Tour. The most prominent concept is flashlight and the dinosaur park, all integrated with existing interactive technology. Much OK for you to make a tourist spot at night. still not satisfied right? we will Stay tuned!

Activities in Malang Night Paradise

Lots ok Activities you can do to spend the night at Malang Night Paradise include the following:

  • Visiting the Lantern Park

There are so many forms of flashlights with led colored lights that can color your night here. ONEvarious shapes of lanterns like windmills, geese, roses etc., very suitable as to see that picture instagrammable.

  • Learn and play at Dinosaur Park

As one of the largest dinosaur parks in East Java province, apart from Jatim Park 3, it is of course very recommended for those of you who invite children. Introduce early on the types of dinosaurs through replicas.

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You will not die of boredom dong, many tours like flying car, dragon rides, carouselsdisco bumper car, and many more.

  • Boat tour (magic trip)

Absorbed able to? traveling together with a lover along an artificial river watching the lanterns along the Malang Night Paradise.

Latest ticket prices for Malang Night Paradise 2019

you don’t have to arrive pocket in large quantities ok to play because the Malang Night Paradise ticket is real affordable priceslike the following:

Hari ticket price
Weekdays (Monday to Friday) Rp. 50,000/person
Weekend (Saturday to Sunday) Rp. 65,000/person
Boat magic journey Rp. 30,000/30 minutes

How travelers? relatively cheap able to to the size of an amusement park.

Getting to the tourist site of Malang Night Paradise is quite easy, because in addition to google maps what is clear, the road condition is also good and smooth.

In addition, this tour is also close to Arjosari Station and Terminal. If you go from the station, it takes about 30 minutes.

Even closer if you go from Arjosari Terminal, so you only need about 10 minutes. Look for code KA/LA angkot and get off at Jalan Raya Karanglo. Well after that you just walk deh to the location.

Malang Night Paradise Installations

Malang Night Paradise has very good facilities OK as a playground at night. A large parking area will no longer worry you OK, in addition, this tourist spot is also equipped with a place of worship (mushola) and also a clean and comfortable bathroom.

And also don’t forget that there are many power plug who sells souvenir also a culinary center around the tourist area. ATM is also available and most asik accessible wifi high speed which is served free of charge to visitors. So you don’t have to be afraid deh can not update simultaneously on social networks.

In addition, Malang Night Paradise also offers a large lounge which can usually be rented if there is one. event great. Interesting able to?

In general, Malang Night Paradise is a nightly entertainment themed tour package while carrying the concept of aesthetic and educational, suitable to be used as a tourist recommendation on a weekend night. With a relatively cheap price, you can also enjoy multiple tours at the same time. to see exciting photo.

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So what are you waiting for? yuck Invite your office partner or friend to relax and enjoy the twinkling flashlights, and also invite your little ones and your family to learn while they play. Cheers!

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