List of Sumedang UMR and UMK in 2022

List Of Sumedang Umr And Umk In 2022

List of UMR and UMK Sumedang– Did you know that the Regional Minimum Wage (UMR) in 2022 is set by the government? Each region in Indonesia has a different regional minimum wage (UMR). The Regional Minimum Wage (UMR) is adjusted to the Regional Original Income (PDA).

The city of Sumedang itself is located in the province of West Java. The opportunities and potentials that can be exploited are very diverse and, of course, can make a real and positive contribution to the community and local residents of Samuidang. The aim is to create an independent, resilient society with creativity and skills that match its interests and talents.

This is the Sumedang UMR and UMK in 2022

The Regional Minimum Wage (UMR) itself also continues to increase significantly, and local governments continue to strive to continue raising the minimum wage. Although it must be seen from all aspects and other supporting sectors. One of the things that can increase or help increase the Regional Minimum Wage (UMR) is the Regional Original Income or PAD as we know it.

Regional Minimum Wage or UMR as we know it. The UMR itself is a benchmark or basis for employee salaries. The pay scale is his due to the hard work he puts in for the company he works for. Of course, salaries must be in accordance with the Human Resources Act of the Republic of Indonesia. Employees who have worked are certainly entitled to the agreements reached or awarded. According to the work performed, the wages given can be used to meet their basic needs.

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One of the cities in Indonesia that continues to strive to improve the quality and standard of living for its citizens and society is Samuidang. The city hall itself continues to explore the city’s diverse potential. The objective is to provide a dignified life and increase people’s productivity, allowing them to be independent and have specific skills to pursue a career.

Tips to increase Sumedang UMR

The Sumedang City Government will also continue to raise the regional minimum wage and will continue to make positive contributions to Sumedang City residents and the community. Continuing to improve agribusiness or the agribusiness sector and taking advantage of good and strong advances and innovations. So that the economic development of Koh Samui is better.

The tourist potential of Sumedang Regency is classified as Potential. The potential is the Prabu Geusan Ulun Museum, which stores various heirlooms from the Sumedanglarang kingdom, as well as various relics from the Padjajaran kingdom. A tourist attraction that continues to be organized and developed by the city hall and local residents. Among them are the Toga Village, Gunung Kunci Fort, Cipanas Celeungsing and Cipanas Conggeang tours, as well as services for relaxed tourists who like to play golf.

UMR and UMK Sumedang in 2022

It has tourism potential to contribute to the development and economic growth of the Samuidang area. Enable a sustainable increase in the Regional Minimum Wage or UMR so that it can have a positive impact on the residents and community of Sumedang City so that they can meet their basic needs.

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The Regional Minimum Wage (UMR) or UMK Sumedang changes every year. In other words, the Regional Minimum Wage (UMR) last year was the same as in 2022. The UMR for Sumedang City in 2022 is Rp. 3,241,929.

Sumedang UMR list was approved by Ridwan Kamil, who officially signed Governor’s Decree No. of the City/Regency (UMK) .

The legal basis for determining the UMK is the Employment Creation Act Number 11 of 2020 and its Derived Rules. and Government Regulation No. 36 of 2021 regarding Salaries.

The following is a complete list of UMK or UMR for cities and regencies in West Java Province in 2022.

1. City of Bekasi UMK Rp 4,816,921.17

2. Regency UMK Karawang IDR 4,798,312.00

3. Regency of Bekasi UMK Rp 4,791,843.90

4. City of Depok UMK IDR 4,377,231.93

5. UMK Bogor City Rp 4,330,249.57

6. UMK Bogor Regency IDR 4,217,206.00

7. Purwakarta Regency UMK IDR 4,173,568.61

8. The minimum wage for Bandung City is IDR 3,774,860.78

9. UMK Cimahi City IDR 3,272,668.50

10. West Bandung Regency UMK IDR 3,248,283.28

11. Sumedang Regency UMK IDR 3,241,929.67

12. Regency of Bandung UMK Rp 3,241,929.67

13. The Sukabumi Regency UMK is IDR 3,125,444.72

14. Subang Regency UMK IDR 3,064,218.08

15. The minimum wage for Cianjur Regency is IDR 2,699,814.40

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16. The UMK of the city of Sukabumi is IDR 2,562,434.01

17. The minimum wage for Indramayu Regency is IDR 2,391,567.15

18. City of Tasikmalaya UMK Rp 2,363,389.67

19. Tasikmalaya Regency UMK Rp 2,326,772.46

20. Cirebon City Minimum Wage Rp 2,304,943.51

21. Cirebon Regency UMK IDR 2,279,982.77

22. Majalengka Regency UMK IDR 2,027,619.04

23. Garut Regency UMK IDR 1,975,220.92

24. Kuningan Regency UMK Rp 1,908,102.17

25. UMK Ciamis Regency IDR 1,897,867.14

26. The minimum wage for the Pangandaran Regency is IDR 1,884,364.08

27. The minimum wage for Banjar City is Rp. 1,852,099.52

This is the information about the UMR or UMK list in Sumedang in 2022, which has been officially determined by the governor.

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