Let me go mr. hill chapter 2683

Let Me Go Mr.  Hill Chapter 2683

Chapter 2683

Ning Xiaoxiao calmly took the menu and flipped through it, and answered his question by the way, “There are a few things you may have discovered that I am willing to let others see.”

“Serious.” Ji Ziyuan leaned closer to the seat, with a scrutiny in her eyes, “Let me think about when Reborn first appeared on Wall Street four years ago? Or five years ago? And you, how old are you, twenty-four this year, why, could it be you? You went to Wall Street when you were nine. You didn’t even have a record of going abroad at that time, unless you were a genius, but you were born into an environment where you didn’t know anything about finance, and you didn’t learn anything about it. His parents were just ordinary workers. .”

After a pause, Ji Ziyuan’s eyes fell on the small face of the woman in front of her, which was illuminated by the crystal lamp above.

His eyes gradually became as deep as cold pools.

“Unless you’re not the real Reborn, you’re just pretending to be her name, or you’re not the real Ruan Yan, you’re impersonating Ruan Yan.”

Ji Ziyuan tapped his fingers on the table, “If I guessed correctly If so, you were the one who broke the Du Qianhe scandal and Zeng Shuheng, Du Xuan and I have long suspected that these photos and words were all from within the company, but that one that I never suspected is you.”

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Ning Xiaoxiao caught Raising his eyebrows, he didn’t deny it, but shrugged, “Go ahead.”

“Actually, it’s not hard to think about it. You’ve been with the company for a few years, frequently attend company events, and have a good relationship with Zhao Hong. It is not difficult for you to come to these things.”

Ji Ziyuan narrowed his eyes, “After that, you cooperated with Fenghong, settled in Fenghong and became a major shareholder, acquired several video and film companies, and besieged Fan Entertainment. He also used the company’s black information about some artists to force them to change jobs and gradually turned Fanyu into an empty shell. You are really incredible.”

“Thanks for the compliment.” Ning Xiaoxiao raised her head and asked, “Can I order food, I have a little problem. I’m hungry.”

“Come on, I’ll treat you, you can order whatever you want.” Ji Ziyuan took out her cigarette case, “Do you mind if I smoke a cigarette?”

“Shall I say that you care?” Ning Xiaoxiao blinked, “I didn’t tell you, the way you always smoke, regardless of the occasion, disgusts me, and I hate the smell of smoke so much.”

“So I used to When you were smoking in bed, you were holding back, right?”

“Yes, I really want to throw up.” Ning Xiaoxiao said the most piercing words on her nonchalant face, “But I couldn’t say anything at that moment, after all, you might just pat me on the face and say, hey, Ruan Yan, what kind of person are you, I despise you.” you when I smoke in front of you.”

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Ji Ziyuan smiled, her beautiful brows arched, “How do you know so well? As for me, it seems that we are very worthy, I apologize to you, I take back what I said before, come back to me, Ruan Yan, I really appreciate it a little.”

“You think you’re worthy of me. Is that it?” Ning Xiaoxiao asked back.

“OK, I was very selfish before and I didn’t let you have fun.” Ji Ziyuan opened her hands, her eyes were stained with a hint of mischief, “I can please you well, and keep you to make you happy, really.”

Ning Xiaoxiao from the menu He raised his eyes and looked at him, “Now I am a shareholder in Ji’s and Fenghong, and the most important thing is money, do you think that in my capacity, I do not want a clean man, and I need to find someone like you who has no experience How many old men have been in prison again, while I have money, there are many men who want to please me, why can you win other men?”

Ji Ziyuan was surprised.

These words are particularly harsh, but also a little familiar.

“Is it a little familiar?” Ning Xiaoxiao seemed to see right through him, “I just spent time with Pei Mochen, it’s not the first time, don’t you miss me, in your heart, I’m a toy, why, only men can despise women, but women Can’t women despise men?”

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“Ruan Yan, are you taking revenge on me, do you hate me so much?” Ji Ziyuan sighed with emotion, “If your purpose is to slap me in the face, teach me a lesson, and I feel it now.”

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