Let me go mr. hill chapter 2681

Let Me Go Mr.  Hill Chapter 2681

Chapter 2681

Ji Ziyuan looked at Ning Xiaoxiao, “Do you think so too?”

“It is clear.” Ning Xiaoxiao smiled, “I spent so much money to buy Ji’s shares, I didn’t just want to make money, in fact, I think everyone’s requirements are not high, if you can’t do it, Mr. Ji, I suggest you resign, really, I volunteered and I can definitely meet everyone’s requirements.”

Su Dong, Cheng Dong and others were shocked by his bold comments. mute.

Even if Ji Ziyuan left the post, it wouldn’t be her turn to be a newcomer, so what did they think of the old ones.

Ji Zehao said angrily, “You’re an actor and you don’t know anything about medicine. What do you know? This is not the entertainment industry.”

“I’m just saying. Of course I know no one will agree.” Ning Xiaoxiao’s eyes sweeping across the directors from the opposite side: “Maybe the aunts and uncles here think, you are a newcomer, even if Chairman Ji resigns, we will go, and you are the old man.”

All: “…”

Gram .

This woman has transparent eyes.

Ji Ziyuan smiled humbly.

He had never really seen a woman so interesting and intelligent. “Ruan Yan, don’t worry, I will grant your request.” ji

Ziyuan supported the silver mirror frame and looked with a pair of deep eyes, “Welcome to Ji, and we will have good cooperation in the future.”

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He raised his eyebrows, “Happy cooperation.”

the meeting is over.

Some shareholders packed their bags and prepared to leave one after the other. Su Dong and Cheng Dong looked at each other. Everyone was looking for a chance to get in touch with Ning Xiaoxiao. It was better to pull her into a camp.

It’s just that Ji Ziyuan hadn’t left today, and some people didn’t deliberately do so, so they sat on one side and talked, while the other side was secretly looking at Ning Xiaoxiao.

I dare not think about it, I dare not think about it, how old is this, in his mid-twenties, he looks so handsome, can enter the film and television circle, and can reduce Ji’s actions. On par with these sixty-somethings.

The youth of today are amazing.

There’s a pervert Ji Ziyuan at the front and now there’s a Ning Xiaoxiao.

Ning Xiaoxiao ignored other people’s scrutiny, packed up her things, and left directly with Della.

“Ruan Yan…”

Ji Ziyuan’s lazy, magnetic voice came from behind.

Ning Xiaoxiao paused and turned around. Ji Ziyuan walked with a noble and elegant step, two dark shirts were untied and his tie was slightly loose. This complex atmosphere in no way violates harmony, on the contrary, even the charm is more suffocating than ever.

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