Leaks: The Quarry and HIGH ON LIFE are exclusive Google Stadium games

Leaks: The Quarry And High On Life Are Exclusive Google Stadium Games

Recent reports reveal this Quarry in HIGH IN LIFE it was originally an exclusive Google Stadium game before the company moved these projects elsewhere.

This information was first published by Axios. If you are interested in Supermassive Games and Squanch Games, you can check out our other articles here.

Quarry and HIGH ON LIFE are Google Stadiums exclusive games?

Axios reports that Google was involved in the creation of two well-known video games, Quarry in HIGH IN LIFEbefore you reduce the performance of Stadio services by sending these projects elsewhere.

According to Axios, both games are projects that were previously made exclusively for Google Stadium. This is designed to attract new players to the streaming service.

When Axios asked them for confirmation, Supermassive Games and Squanch Games declined to comment. But for Take-Two Interactive, who is the publisher for Quarry, Supermassive Games is expected to “look for a publishing partner when the project is complete”. Axios also noted that Take-Two Interactive proudly helped release the game.

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Evidence of a partnership between Supermassive Games and Google Stadion was recorded when they announced the partnership in 2020. At the time, neither side shared details about what they were creating.

When Quarry announced by Supermassive Games and Take-Two Interactive, Stadium fans have speculated whether it is a product of the Google Partnership.

The path of the stadium is not easy. In February 2021, Google began closing its internal studio due to a lack of exclusive games since the 2019 service release.

AT&T then licenses Stada’s cloud technology to give 5G subscribers access to the games Batman. Capcom also received a license for fans to play the demo game Resident Evil latest in web browser.

Quarry now available on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, Xbox One and PC (Microsoft Store, Steam).

HIGH IN LIFE will be released for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) in October 2022.

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