Latest PUBG No Recoil configuration, download here

Latest Pubg No Recoil Configuration, Download Here
Config No Recoil Pubg Terbaru

Config No Recoil PUBG Terbaru – Hello all friends, back with the admin here. This time admin will discuss about popular apps in Indonesia. Who else doesn’t know this game, namely the PUBG game.

Match PUBG this is one of the games that is currently popular in Indonesia, this game with Battle Royale genre is also played by professional esport players.

Well, lately there is a feature that is quite sought after by PUBG players, namely no recoil. If you are one of them, take a look at the following discussion.

Fitur Config No Indent

The characteristics of the configuration in Recoil are not very different from the original version, the only difference is that when we shoot we do not feel recoil. This setup feature is perfect for new players or people who don’t think they are pros.

This setting can also be used for the old version of PUBG game. So don’t worry for those who haven’t downloaded PUBG, the new version, you can also use no indent configuration this

Latest PUBG No Recoil configuration, download here

Config No Recoil Pubg Terbaru

Config No Recoil Functions

If you don’t know what recoil is, recoil is a push back that occurs when you press the fire button hard.

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The recoil itself is hard to move, right, to get a very accurate recoil you need to adjust the sensitivity. Unfortunately, adjusting the sensitivity is very difficult for those who haven’t played this PUBG game in a long time.

For those who have recently played the PUBG game, don’t worry, the admin here will share a download link config without indentation PUBG.

Download Config No Recoil PUBG

If you think you’re not a pro or you’re not confident with your game, you can download this setup. Take it easy for those who use this setup, you can shoot without recoil. You can download the link below

Click here

You can use the above link to download the no indentation setting, which you are waiting for download now.

the final word

Perhaps this is all the information about the indentation setting that the administrator can provide. Hope it can be useful to those who are looking for this setup, and thanks to all of you who visited the article this time. See you in the next admin article.

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