Latest June 2022 schedule and pricing + agent

Latest June 2022 Schedule And Pricing + Agent

Sahaalah bus ticket – As a resident of Jepara, Central Java, you are of course already familiar with the Sahaalah Bus.

This bus is one of the ground transportation service providers that is famous for its stylish and modern quality of service.

In addition to serving domestic inter-provincial or AKAP travel, Bus Sahaalah also serves fully-equipped tour buses.

Sahaalah Bus Ticket
Sahaalah bus ticket

Not just for tour buses, the facilities on offer for regular buses are equally forgiving.

There are many classes of buses provided by Sahaalah with very satisfactory ticket prices and services.

You can order Sahaalah bus tickets from your nearest bus agents or online in the bus ticket app.

Below is some information about the Sahaalah bus that you need to know.

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PO Sahaalah’s Profile

The Sahaalah bus was originally part of PO Shantika.

However, over time, that bus broke up and decided to be independent.

Apparently, the decision was able to attract public confidence in terms of transport needs.

Indeed, the Sahaalah bus, which serves the travel route from Jepara, Pati, Kudus, to Jabodetabek, has always been the mainstay of the capital’s nomads.

This is, of course, because ticket prices are quite cheap, as well as facilities that are no less complete than other premium buses.

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Not only that, this Sahaalah bus is always committed to ensuring passenger safety.

That’s why using a fleet of quality buses and also undoubtedly their strength in traveling long distances.

Having a very wide route, this bus is not only the best choice for nomads but also for tourists.

This indicates that the bus already has a commitment that touches people’s hearts for them to sincerely put their trust.

With all these compromises, this bus is one of the buses that is easily found by the public.

Of course, because there are many agents spread across various regions. That way, passengers don’t have to be confused to find the bus.

Sahaalah bus class

Known as a luxurious and classy bus, the Sahaalah Bus has several classes that passengers can choose from. Here’s the review.

  1. Kelas Executive Bus Sahaalah

The Sahaa bus class is the first to have an executive. This bus has a 2-2 seat arrangement that certainly makes the bus feel spacious and comfortable.

  1. Kelas Super Executive Bus Sahaalah

So Bus Sahaalah also has a Super Business class with a 1-1-1 seating arrangement. This means that the bus fleet used is larger than other buses.

  1. Sahaalah Class Bus Suites

Lastly, the Sahaalah bus class is the suite class. This class is one of the best of several AKAP buses in Indonesia.

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Of course, it might be the right choice for anyone who likes luxury buses with an elegant print.

Sahaalah bus facilities

Regarding the facilities, each class has several different facilities.

However, in general, you will have complete facilities to provide comfort during your trip.

Following are the Sahaalah Bus facilities that passengers receive.

  • Complete AC
  • baggage area
  • charging point
  • reading light
  • M ticket
  • USB port for charging
  • Entertainment
  • reclining seat
  • Distributor
  • pillows
  • Blanket

Latest Sahaalah bus ticket prices

Route Price (Rp)
Jepara – Jakarta 210,000 – 230,000
Semarang – Jakarta 210,000 – 230,000
Jepara – Tangerang 210,000 – 270,000
Demak – Tangerang 210,000 – 270,000
Rembang – Tangerang 210,000 – 270,000

NB: Sahaalah bus ticket prices may change at any time without notice.

List of nearest Sahaalah bus agents

As a bus that has many services, of course Bus Sahaalah also has many agents that you can visit or contact.

Of course, you can easily get information about tickets and tourist services.

The following is one of the Sahaalah Bus agents that you can contact:

1. Sahaalah Jepara bus agent

  • Address: Terminal Kelet, Kec. Keling, Jepara Regency
  • Phone: 0823-1495-1041

2. Sahaalah Semarang bus agent

  • Address: J. Siliwangi No.498, Kec. West Semarang, Semarang City
  • Phone: 0823-1495-1418
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3. Sahaalah Demak bus agent

  • Address: Jalan Raya Demak – Kudus, Gajah, Kab. demak
  • Phone: 0823-1495-1068

4. Sahaalah Bus Agent, South Tangerang

  • Address: Buaran, Kec. Serpong, south city of Tangerang
  • Phone: 0812-8856-2217

5. Sahaalah Jakarta Bus Agent

  • Address: Terminal Grogol 2, Jl. Kyai Tapa, West Jakarta City
  • Phone: 0857-7412-3239


So the description of some information about the Sahaalah bus that you should know.

By reading the description above, we hope your trip will be more comfortable and memorable. It might be useful!

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