Latest IndiHome package prices in 2021

Latest Indihome Package Prices In 2021

Last price of the IndiHome package 2021 – In April 2019 I officially subscribed to the indiHome internet package, one of the company’s products under the Telkom banner. From some of the latest indihome packages that have been offered to me, such as the indihome Triple Play 3P package, the Indihome Dual Play 2P package and the Internet Only package, I decided to install the Indihome Triple Play Wifi Premium 10 Mbps.

I chose the premium 3P package because in my region I only sell this package. Hehehe

In previous years, the average price of the indihome package was exorbitant. Furthermore, the indihome 3P Premium 20 Mpbs package costs around 500K/month.

However, the price of indihome wifi package is now experiencing a drastic price drop. With that in mind, indihome is starting to run promotions frequently.

Maybe because there are already many competitors, right? Hehehe.

(the term premium 3P only existed in 2019)

In 2021, Indihome issued several package promotions, including:

  • SOE package
  • New Year Promotion, keep moving forward with IndiHome
  • 3P Package (Internet+TV+Phone)
  • 2P Pack (Internet+TV) or 2P Pack (Internet+Phone)
  • Gebyar moving forward with IndiHome 2021
  • Teacher and Student Packs
  • IndiHome Package Promotion*
  • player pack

Differences in Indihome Triple Play, Dual Play or Single Play packages

Indihome itself offers 3 packages that consumers can choose according to their wishes. And each indihome package has different facilities and prices.

So when it comes to choosing indihome wifi package it is a really confusing thing especially for new indihome customers. But you don’t need to get confused, because below I wrote some differences in indihome package.

For more details, here I have summarized some indihome packages from 3P, 2P and 1P packages.

IndiHome Triple Play WiFi Internet Packages

Note that for the price of the latest 2021 IndiHome Packages, especially triple play (3P), -has 2 types of packages, namely Premium and Economic Packages. is the highest package type of the other two packages. The highest point here is a package that has more benefits.

If you take the 3P Package (Internet+TV+Phone), then you will get a package of Fast Internet, Landline and Interactive TV channels in 1 3P Package (Internet+TV+Phone).

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So in this package there are also several types, including:

  • IndiHome 3P Internet + Telephone + TV Package (MUSIC OPTION)
  • IndiHome 3P Internet + Telephone + TV Package (FILMS OPTION)
  • IndiHome 3P Internet + Telephone + TV (CHILDREN OPTION
  • IndiHome 3P Internet + Telephone + TV (PLAYER OPTION)
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Meanwhile, internet speed is also available from 20Mbps to 300Mbps.

Latest Indihome Package PricingIndiHome 10 Mbps packet speed test results

Dual Play Indihome Package

It is different with indihome dual Play (2p) package. If you take this package, you will only receive 2 types of services according to the name. Either way, you will receive a 2P Pack (Internet+TV) or a 2P Pack (Internet+Phone).

So basically you can’t get services like the 3P package above. So when signing up for Indihome by choosing the 2P package, you will be asked to choose between these 2 options.

You just want Internet + TV or Internet + Phone.

So in the dual play indihome package it only provides speeds from 20 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

Indihome internet-only package (Single Play)

This Single Play internet package is unique in my opinion because the policy of installing indihome wifi for new customers and downgrading from indihome package to indiHome Internet Only package is not the same in all regions. The reasons are many indihome branch in the region they don’t want to sell this package.

But if in your area they sell indihome 1P internet packages, then it is certain that you can request migration from Internet Only or 1P package or install a new indihome.

This is based on an explanation from one of indihome’s employees in my area, that for regional (regional) offices they can sell all packages that exist or are listed on indihome’s website. As for (regional) branches, it depends on the policy of each branch.

And if you want to sign up for 1P (Internet), visit your nearest Plasa Telkom.

What do you get if you subscribe to the 1P package? yes, of course, just the internet. Price-wise, I don’t think it’s much different from the 2P package.

And for speed, the 1P package only offers speeds of 20Mpbs, 50, and 100Mbps.

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IndiHome Internet packages that are right for you

Now the question is, what is the best Indihome internet package among Triple Play vs Dual Play vs Single Play internet packages?

The answer is that it all depends on your needs. ️

Because if your only need is internet with normal usage, then it’s a waste if you choose a triple play or dual play internet package.

Because the indihome single play package has a relatively cheap subscription fee compared to the two indihome internet packages. So I suggest you to choose indihome internet package only.

But remember, we go back to the explanation above, that not all indihome branches sell internet packages only.

So if you want to migrate or install a new internet-only package, I suggest you go straight to Telkom Plaza to ask for package downgrade requirements or install a new Indihome wifi.

Latest 2021 IndiHome package prices

Price is one of the determining factors before choosing the type of indihome internet package. Therefore, the prices of 3P Packets (Internet+TV+Phone), 2P Packets (Internet+TV), 2P Packets (Internet+Phone) and 1P (Internet only) may not be the same even with the same speed.

Note that among these 3 internet packages, dsana also has several sections. But here I only write in outline only.

The following is a list of the latest prices for Indihome packages in 2021:

Price of 3P Packages (Internet+TV+Phone)

If you choose this package, you will get fast internet access, landlines and interactive TV channels in 1 3P package (Internet+TV+Phone)

So in this package there are also several packages you can choose from when you sign up later, including:

  1. IndiHome 3P Internet + Telephone + TV Package (MUSIC OPTION)
  2. IndiHome 3P Internet + Telephone + TV Package (FILMS OPTION)
  3. IndiHome 3P Internet + Telephone + TV (CHILDREN OPTION
  4. IndiHome 3P Internet + Telephone + TV Package (GAMER OPTION)

For the price, every speed from 20 to 300 Mbps is the same. What distinguishes these 4 types of packages is the service bonus.

Price For 3P Internet+Tv+Phone Packages

Indihome 2P Internet Pack

What do you get if you take this pack? yes, of course, fast internet and landline in 1 2P package (Internet + TV)

In this package, 2 types will be chosen, the first is the 2P Package (Internet+TV) and the other is the 2P Package (Internet+Telephone).

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Let’s see the price of each of these packages.

2P Package (Internet+TV)

If you choose this package, you will get a fast internet package and good broadcasts in 1 2P package (Internet + TV).

Options you can choose from include:

  • IndiHome 2P Internet + TV Package (STUDY OPTION)
  • IndiHome 2P Internet + TV (MUSIC OPTION)
  • IndiHome 2P Internet + TV (FILM OPTION

2P+Tv Internet Package

2P Package (Internet+Phone) PROMO*

Similar to the inet+TV package, you will also only have 2 services, such as fast internet and telephone.

Ah yes, 2P Packages (Internet+Phone) usually have promotions always. For example, as in 2021, Indihome launched many promotions in this 2P package.

The options you can choose from in this package include:

  • 2P digital channel pack
  • IndiHome 2P Internet + Telephone (ENTERTAINMENT OPTION)
  • Internet IndiHome 2P Internet + Telephone (STUDY OPTION)
  • Indihome 2P Internet + Telephone Package (Interteiment OPTION)

For speed, this 2P package is only available at 20Mbps, 30, 40, 50 and 100Mbps only.

Indihome Wifi Package Promotion

Indihome 2021 promotional package price table

If you want information about indihome package promotion, you should monitor this blog often. haha

This year, Indihome usually issues promotional packages. And that way you can find out which one you like.

Below I have written several indihome package promotions, which you can still apply:

For detailed promotion information above, simply click on each option.

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the final word

Subscribing to the Internet is a must and a necessity if part of your work depends on the Internet. However, choosing an internet package is also something you should pay attention to, as if we choose the wrong package, it will generate a big bill.

But it’s all up to you on which package is right for you.

Oh yes, you also check this blog often, don’t let me update the latest articles you might be looking for.

and maybe it’s enough here just a small article about the price of the last indihome package in 2021, I hope it can be useful for you.

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