Latest IM3 INDOSAT reference code, 60GB free quota

Latest Im3 Indosat Reference Code, 60Gb Free Quota

Indosat has already provided several bonuses for IM3 users. Indosat offers a 60GB quota bonus via referral code IM3. For those who want to get a 60GB quota bonus, you can use the IM3 referral code in this article. Previously, this bonus had a limited quota, so you need to hurry to get it.

What is the IM3 reference code Indosat?

IM3 reference code is a code given to each Indosat IM3 subscriber. The IM3 reference code can be used if you use the MyIm3 application. For those who don’t have the MyIm3 app, you can download it first from the Playstore.

Benefits of the IM3 referral code indosat

For those who use the IM3 Indosat Reference Code, you can get a number of benefits. For example, you can get a quota bonus of up to 100 GB. Typically, if you want to get a 100GB quota bonus, you can look for it with the referral code IM3 100GB. But to get the IM3 bonuses, Indosat provides some terms and conditions that you must know in order to get them. What are they?

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Terms and conditions

  • The program is only available for myIM3 app users who use Android devices version 4.4 and above and iOS devices version 9 and above
  • Existing users can invite new users by sharing the referral code available in the Rewards > Invite Friends menu
  • Old users and new users will each have 750MB each when a new user successfully registers with myIM3 (and has never previously registered with myIM3) with an old user referral code
  • The 750 MB quota will be valid for 3 days and can be used 24 hours
  • Maximum limit for newly invited users is 10 people/day and maximum quota for each user is 7.5GB/day or 50GB total
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If you already know the conditions, don’t be fooled to get the quota bonus.

How to enter the IM3 reference code

Maybe you new IM3 users are a little confused about how to enter the IM3 reference code. Here are several ways to do this, such as through the MyIm3 app, via SMS, or via a phone code. Below I will explain all the ways. Listen, so you don’t run out of quota to use the IM3 referral code.

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1. How to enter the referral code via SMS

  • Enter SMS with MGM format (space) Referral code sent to 565
  • Wait for an operator response to confirm.

2. How to enter the reference code through the UMB

  • Enter *123*345# and press call using your IM3 number.
  • Select the input MGM code.
  • Then enter one of the references below.
  • Wait for operator confirmation.

3. How to enter the reference code in the MyIM3 application

  • Open Playstore
  • Search for MyIm3 and then install
  • Log in using your M3 number
  • Claim the 1GB quota immediately
  • Fill in your profile (name, email and reference code)
  • Enter one of the IM3 reference codes below:
    ( 78EKB3 ,BK7TG6, UK7TG6, 5E96EH, HN7TG6, QYG063, IGGA1I, GON5Y2, 3YG063, 68EKB3, 13VV33, 019B1I, LZG063, 9E96EH, YN87F2, WKF6Z0,IU, 59EKB7, 13VV33, LZG063, 9E96EH, YN87F2, WKF6ZI, 59Md7YBZWMJ2J , AIZFX3 , DTEKB3)
  • Then save, automatically a quota of 750MB will be added to your m3 account.
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How to get MyIM3 referral code

If any of you are still confused about how to get the IM3 reference code, you can see the method below.

  • Log into the MyiM3 app
  • Tap on the “Rewards” menu
  • Then tap “Learn”
  • Scroll down and then “Invite friends”
  • Your MyIM3 referral code appears, continue to “Share my code”
  • Copy or share the code with your friends.

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