Kuki Shinobu no Genshin Impact release schedule

Kuki Shinobu No Genshin Impact Release Schedule

Kuki Shinobu is one of the 4-star characters that will be released in Genshin Impact. Well, HoYverse has just announced the release schedule for Kuki Shinobu, which will be released soon.

So what are the things you should know about Kuki Shinobu? Let’s look at the following Gamedaim reviews. Don’t forget to share the following information with your friends too, Traveler.

Cookie Shinobu Release Schedule

Based on training existing, Kuki Shinobu will be released on June 21, 2022 or next Tuesday. Previously, HoYverse had released a Demo for the character Kuki Shinobu through their official YouTuber account.

Later, Kuki Shinobu will be released along with the Arataki Itto banner on June 21, 2022. Of course, as a 4-star character, Traveler has a very high chance of getting Kuki Shinobu. However, you should know that there will be some interesting characters in Genshin Impact v2.8.

For the record, Arataki Itto’s banner was also released along with his weapon banner, the Redhorn Stonethresher. In addition, there is also a Catalyst Memory of Dust weapon that so far it is not yet known which character it corresponds to.

Tentang Kuki Shinobu

Cookie Shinobu Release Schedule
Cookie Shinobu Release Schedule

As the deputy leader of the Arataki Gang, Shinobu has a responsibility to keep the business and team stable. Sometimes Shinobu also saves his gang from the police station and returns snacks to the village children and picks up those who are too lazy to work.

Also, your role as a Support Electro character will be very interesting. Because he is able to heal teammates and give DMG. Just for information, travelers can enjoy the upcoming Kuki Shinobu Hangout event.

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