Korina Sanchez, answered why Mar Roxas is not in politics now – News – Tagalog Newspaper Tabloid

Korina Sanchez, Answered Why Mar Roxas Is Not In Politics Now – News – Tagalog Newspaper Tabloid

Former ABS-CBN presenter Korina Sanchez paid tribute to her husband, former Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government Mar Roxas on Father’s Day.

He said on his Instagram account, many are asking why Mar is not in politics right now. She said her husband now holds the most important position in her family – being the father of Paolo and their children Pepe and Pilar.

“Many people ask why Mar is not in politics now. I don’t bother asking him because I know. Though I remind him that he did a lot for this country in the best years of his life. All 30 years or more in the position.

“So now he’s a father again – to 3-year-old twins, Pepe en Pilar. I’m convinced. Of all that he has contributed in the best way he knows how for the good of this country and its people, his children Paolo, Pepe en Pilar are still his most priceless legacy to this planet. And this is now his happiest and most important position to date.”

It is recalled that Roxas ran for president in 2016, but was defeated by former president Rodrigo Duterte. Since then, Roxas has also retired from politics.

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